What We Offer You

We strive to deliver training programmes that give you every opportunity to realise your full potential. Indeed, building business skills in our staff at all levels is a major investment for our future. Some of our training modules are set out in the following pages. But whichever discipline you join, you will find a real commitment to personal support for your development.

When you join us, you will attend various courses designed to give you the technical and business skills you need to undertake increasingly complex work; as you grow and develop, we will also introduce the key management skills you require to undertake wider challenges and responsibilities.

Setting goals, measuring progress

You will benefit from a highly developed process of regular appraisal and coaching, common to all disciplines and across PwC offices. This ensures that you integrate each experience with your longer term career objectives. You will discuss each assignment in advance with your team leader and agree specific objectives. Your performance will be assessed against criteria which are clearly identified and appropriate to your level of experience. At the end of the job, your strengths and areas for improvement will be identified.

Performance coaching and development is not just for new recruits but these will continue throughout your career; helping you to develop your capabilities and interests to the full. You can be sure that we reward good performance. This is expressed annually during our promotion and salary reviews, which reflect all the information received from your appraisals and coaching sessions.

Your career options

At the start of your career, it's natural to be preoccupied with the immediate challenge and, beyond that, your ideas may be fairly hazy. Although we offer a wide array of choices, we also encourage you to ask the question "What do I want to be famous for?"

This is because our continuing success depends on developing talented individuals into the future leaders of the firm. We will help you to match your skills and interest to the wide range of career opportunities available; we do this by promoting open dialogue with senior members of the firm and through your career development plan which can help you achieve your goals.

The international scene

Successful international experience is recognised as a positive benefit in your career development.

We provide a truly international scale to the firm's activities and development programmes. The member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers operate through a network of over 163,000 people in more than 151 countries and territories around the world. As part of this global network, we can help our clients to be more effective internationally, and this also presents excellent opportunities for our staff members to develop their experience abroad.

Within the global network there are a number of exchange and secondment programmes in operation. These range from short-term periods of up to six months to longer term periods of up to two years. It is our policy to identify people who have long-term prospects with us to give them the chance to participate in these programmes.

Being part of the PwC network, is of great significance in terms of the opportunities open to qualified staff.