The Application Process

We hope this guide has given you a flavour of the career opportunities and challenges on offer with PwC. Remember that firms of accountants and business advisors are not all the same. They differ in culture, structure, business focus and overall philosophy.

You will find differences in the quality of exam support, the extent to which you work experience is integrated with your training, the reality of overseas opportunities and the scope for long-term career development. We sincerely believe that our proposition is, overall, one of the most attractive in the market and we are confident that we offer an environment which will appeal to the very best.

But you must decide.

Compare what we have to offer with other likely employers. Talk to friends, advisers and anyone else familiar with top businesses. If you have what it takes to succeed with PwC, there's no doubt you will do well wherever you go. It's then up to us to convince you that you will thrive and enjoy life with PwC.

But there's one more point to bear in mind. Among the people who recently joined us, there emerges one special reason that made them choose PwC. Not the salary progression, nor the quality of the training, not even the high-vaulting personal ambition. PwC stands out because we are natural, open and know what we are doing - during the initial contact, during the selection process and in our day-to-day work. We work together, expect a lot from each other, and we enjoy this. That's professionalism. Ultimately, people stay with PwC because they like coming to work in the morning. It could be that, for you, this is the most important consideration of all. But the only way to find out, is to come a little closer.