Our Business

We are the leading and largest practice of accountants, auditors and business advisors in Malta. We form part of the worldwide network of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world's leading professional services organisation.

Among our clients are many of Malta's leading companies. Our client list also includes many multinational organisations. Working with such a range of clients you will have unrivalled opportunities of experiencing all sectors of business including industry and commerce, manufacturing and service organisations.

We have built our reputation on the quality of our client service - a Total Quality Service. This quality emphasis extends across the comprehensive range of services provided by the firm, from integrated Audit and Business Advisory Services (ABS), Management advisory, Tax and Legal Services and Company Administration Services, to more specialist areas such as corporate finance, secretarial, share registration, and computer audit and security services.

The whole spectrum of the firm's work calls for a high degree of intelligence, professionalism, business acumen and excellent inter-personal skills. Many of these skills are only attained through a combination of structured training and practical experience. With us you would have the opportunity to develop your potential skills in these areas.

Once you decide on a career in any of the above-mentioned areas, you have to ask yourself what factors should be considered in choosing where to work. In making your choice may we suggest that you consider:

  • The people who are the firm
  • The quality of professional training
  • The working environment
  • The manner in which the firm conducts its business
  • The quality of services to clients
  • The firm's reputation
  • Promotional and career development propects
  • The opportuinities for working overseas

While your final choice could be influenced by any number of personal considerations, we hope the succeeding pages will answer some of the more obvious questions for you.