Advisory Services

We are always on the look out for prospective staff in our Advisory line of service. Interested candidates should send their CV's to

Our services include:

  1. Transaction Services
    1. Valuation and strategy
    2. Project finance
    3. Financial due diligence
    4. Commercial and market due dilligence
    5. Merger and aquisition
    6. Accountancy valuations
    7. Privatisation
  2. Performance Improvement
  3. System Process Assurance

The focus of the practice

A management advisor can be described as a person who is qualified to give expert advice to business.

In PwC, however, we take this further. We are not satisfied with just being advisers; having made our recommendations we work alongside our clients to see our proposal come to life. This approach requires credibility and experience, qualities which are shared by all our advisors. We believe that to provide a quality service to clients with whom we want to build long-term relationships, we must first understand their business. This takes time and thorough knowledge.

Career progression

Throughout your career, your training and work experience are supplemented by a programme of continuous appraisals and career planning, in the same way as for other PwC services. After every assignment, you will receive a personal appraisal on your performance; you will also have twice-yearly meetings with your counselling partner to discuss your progress.

Through our counselling programme, we can review your performance, assess your potential and make decisions about your future. Together we can identify the work experience and training you need to develop your career. This is vital in a culture where every individual is encouraged to be actively involved in their own career development.

Your future

You will gain a wealth of experience during your early years with us. This will help you to discover your strengths and preferences, and to identify the areas you would like to concentrate on as your career progresses.

Change will be constant, work will be challenging and your future will be in your own hands.

Who are we looking for?

We want people who have the energy, motivation and intellect to rise to challenges and are prepared to get involved in every aspect of business problem-solving.

You will need to be adaptable; be able to respond quickly to demands of different situations. The ability to work both on your initiative and as part of a team is important. Strong communication skills are vital.

The work of an advisor is demanding. You need to be dedicated and able to organise your time effectively. These two qualities will be in a constant demand.