Lucienne Pace Ross

Lucienne Pace Ross – Partner PwC

I joined the firm in 1997 and was admitted to partnership in 2006.  In 2011, I was appointed Quality and Risk Management Partner. The different roles and experiences at PwC have contributed significantly to my growth.  During my career, I have been exposed to very interesting and complex client assignments, which kept me challenged and motivated, allowing me to build on my technical and client relationship skills.  I consider relationships to be a key aspect in our work.  Managing relationships, both internally and externally, helped me adapt to unpredictable situations.

I learnt a lot from my increasing responsibilities and my involvement in different projects over the past decade.   Participating in training activities at an early stage improved my confidence and helped me develop my presentation skills.  I also had the opportunity of being heavily involved in the audit methodology team, first locally and subsequently at a global level. This was an opportunity that I enjoyed, and one that made me look at the needs of the firm as a whole, as well as think about new ways on how to address important issues. I will never forget the day when, as a senior manager, I presented the “Very Small Entities” project to the PwC Global Audit Board in New York. I believe that the confidence and enthusiasm I had in the proposed tool that day was by far superior to any concerns I might have had or reservations expressed by some. We successfully managed to launch the new VSE tool at a global level within a short period of time.

All these experiences and responsibilities prepared me for the role I have today. I believe that, in a professional world, it does not matter whether you are a male or a female to climb the organisation  ladder.  You need to be brave as well as have the confidence to try something new and step out of your comfort zone.