Cynthia Degiorgio

Cynthia Degiorgio – Curator St John's Co-Cathedral Foundation

I was employed by the Foundation of St John’s Co-Cathedral as Curator since 2005. St John’s is one of the most important historical monuments housing unique artefacts including the most important work by the renowned artist Caravaggio. It is the most visited site in Malta and hosts some of the most important Ecclesiastical and state events. Therefore this position is unique and a most challenging one. Many may find it interesting that this position is held by a woman. Being a female in this role has advantages as I naturally lean more to the female psyche which tends to be passionate, nurturing and also organised and loyal, perhaps it is the role itself that inspires such qualities.

In my role as curator I have managed some very interesting and challenging projects which have kept me motivated. It has given be the opportunity to gain considerable technical experience and knowledge on how to manage unique situations not only concerning restoration and managing the church as a tourist attraction but also managing certain unique state and ecclesiastical events. It has given be the opportunity to sharpened my organisational skills and manage unpredictable situations. I have also learnt how to manage people effectively and obtain the best results possible. This position has given me the opportunity of meeting some very interesting people.

I believe that I have been given a mission of great responsibility and I am dedicated to that cause. This role to me is a labour of love and the results of transforming the church to its former glorious condition is of great personal satisfaction and a reward far greater that any remuneration received. As a woman I feel driven to do whatever I do with passion and to the best of my ability. One has to be strong and confident, be prepared to learn from any situation and not fear the challenge.