Catherine Calleja

Catherine Calleja – Director, Atlas Group

Catherine Calleja has been working in the insurance industry on a full time basis since 1988.   She holds a first class honours degree in business, obtained her ACII in 1995 and is a chartered insurer.  

Catherine worked in the UK as a computer programmer prior to attending university and spent nearly a year in the US during her university years.   She is Director and Company secretary of several Atlas Group companies including Atlas Insurance PCC Limited, an indigenous insurance company employing over 100 staff members.   She is also responsible for marketing, human resources development and administration for the group as well as being Managing Director of Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency, a company employing eighteen members of staff and using Atlas Group finance, administration and IT facilities.   She has recently spearheaded the launch of Denplan in Malta through the same company.

The group is also involved itself in captive management and protected cell business and Ms Calleja is also a director of Ark Insurance Management (Malta) Limited, another sister company.

Ms Calleja also represents AXA PPP healthcare on the Malta Insurance Association, is Chairman of the Health Insurance Section of this association and represents the association regularly in various meetings with government and constituted bodies.  

She is on the Board of Studies of recently set up Honours degree course in Insurance and Finance within the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy of the University of Malta representing the Malta Insurance Association and is a part time lecturer at the same university.  She has been involved in training on an occasional basis for over 15 years with MITC.

In her spare time, Ms Calleja is actively involved in a local Rotary Club and enjoys Art and Travel.