When not at PwC


We are committed to creating an inclusive workspace where everyone can succeed in achieving his or her personal and professional goals. At PwC, we have a number of role models who have managed to succeed in their career, whilst attaining significant achievements outside of the work environment.


“When you can’t change the directions of the wind, adjust your sails” - our @emilie.gregory has been sailing for as long as she can remember ⛵️ #mypassionpwc

Besides being a hard working mum, Ruth draws in order to let her creative juices flow. and look what amazing artworks she creates. 🎨❤️ #mypassionpwc #thisispwc

Because when you have a passion you've got to show it, today we're introducing Owen, advisor at PwC Malta! 😃 Owen discovered disco and electronic music when he was 12 years old 🎧 He started to DJ at 13, and since then he never stopped playing music he loves! #mypassionpwc

We are back with our #mypassionpwc 🙌This time we are introducing you to patrick and his passion for photography. He has been capturing moments with his camera 📸 for more than 3 years and he won't go anywhere without it! #thisispwc

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