Thought Leadership

  With a growing influence on both securing the deal and on the valuation itself, effective management of ESG factors can lead to positive risk adjusted returns for private equity investors. (January 2013)
Poor environmental, social & governance (ESG) performance can reduce deal value between private equity sellers & trade buyers, good ESG improves it
  PwC Low Carbon Economy Index 2012 Too late for two degrees? (November 2012)
Low Carbon Economy Index 2012: Are G20 economies making progress in reducing carbon emissions levels? Can the world limit warming to 2oC?
  Global Green Policy Insights
This bimonthly publication provides up-to-date news alerts on green tax and regulation developments around the world, and offers expert insights on what these developments mean for business.
  The true value of water (August 2012)
By 2030 half the world’s population living in areas with limited water access. For business, water challenges can lead to business disruptions and higher costs. But there are also opportunities, and many companies are now improving their water management, and efficiency - across internal operations, supply chains, and in product use.
  Sustainable packaging: myth or reality (June 2012)
New materials and technology are changing the packaging landscape. But raw material scarcity is a growing problem.
  Water: Challenges, drivers and solutions (March 2012)
A PwC report on the challenges facing the water industry in light of decreasing water quality and supply – key players, economics and future solutions.
  Case study: Puma's reporting highlights global business challenges (December 2011)
This publication on corporate reporting includes a case study on Puma’s ground-breaking approach to costing its use of different kinds of capital and how it led to a radically different approach to sustainability reporting.
  Building trust in the air: Is airline corporate sustainability reporting taking off? (November 2011)
This PwC reports takes a close look at airlines’ corporate sustainability reporting on social, environmental, financial, corporate governance and other factors