PwC Malta Corporate Responsibility: People

To attract and retain the best talent, we strive to create responsible leaders who build relationships and create value for our clients and the broader marketplace. We also want to provide an experience for our people that allows them to feel engaged and motivated to give their best every day. We recognise our people for their contributions, and support them to develop and reach their full potential.

We focus on...
  • Learning and development
  • Coaching
  • Talent management  
  • Work/life balance
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Rewards & recognition

We achieve this by...
Equipping our people with the skills to grow professionally and personally by investing in continuous training, professional coaching and development. At PwC Malta we have a dedicated talent management and coaching programme that focuses on individual needs and development. This enables us to monitor performance and reward our people accordingly.

Running a comprehensive annual training programme that ensures that our staff is exposed to a wide range of training activities that focus on technical, business and IT skills.   

Offering our employees attractive career options within our local practice and within our worldwide network. We encourage our people to build successful relationships with our international and local clients.

Creating a work environment that supports the wellbeing of our people through our flexible work practices. We continuously aim to establish a culture where diversity and inclusion is the norm.

Promoting corporate values that make our people feel proud to be part of our firm and creating a distinctive PwC experience for our people through social events and Corporate Social Responsibility events that are often in connection with heritage projects.