Our commitment

Aware of our environmental impact, we constantly look for ways to reduce it. It is our mission to lead by example and use our position and breadth in the market to shape the attitudes of our clients and staff to achieve more responsible business practices.

Our underlying commitment requires, not only doing what is right for clients and staff, but also doing what is right for the community and the environment - because awareness of, and concern for, environmental issues makes us better citizens and more relevant business partners. We do this mainly by striving to reduce our carbon footprint, and by seeking to increase awareness within our firm and society at large. The carbon footprint is a key tool for managing and monitoring our environmental performance, and for raising awareness amongst staff and clients.












The Green Committee

The Green Committee within the firm was set up to raise awareness amongst our people, to guide behaviours and to measure and propose improvements in energy efficiency, water, paper consumption and waste recycling . The Committee is made up of 8 persons and reflects the participation from different grades and service lines, which helps with the identification of issues and influencing of behaviours across the firm.