Quota for foreign employees in 2020

Mongolia • Issue 10/2019 •  December 2019

The Government of Mongolia updates the foreign worker quota on the basis for entities operating in Mongolia. For 2020, the Cabinet issued the Resolution #420 dated 28 November 2019.

In 2020, the quota ranges from 10% to 65% depending on the industry sector and the number of Mongolian employees. For those sectors which are not directly mentioned in the Resolution, the total number of foreign employees should not exceed 5 % of the total headcount of the Mongolian staff same as before.
At that, foreign invested companies can have three representatives of the management team and one foreign investor/shareholder, who are not subject to the said quota.
If entities would like to bring more expats to Mongolia for a nationwide or big projects, they may be exempted from this ratio and monthly workforce fee upon the approval of the Cabinet.


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