Corporatisation, Privatisation and Public Private Partnerships in Myanmar

Following Myanmar’s ongoing reform efforts, the government recognises the need to generate a conducive socio-political and economic climate for transforming/ developing state-owned businesses as well as improving the provision of public services.

PwC Myanmar has been honoured to be invited by the Ministry of Myanmar National Planning and Economic Development, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Transportation to provide expert insights on the three primary forms of privatisation to catalyse progress, namely, corporatisation, privatisation and public private partnerships.

In this paper, we examined these key forms of privatisation. Furthermore, we drew from previous experience from the PwC global network, cited real life examples of privatisation in other countries and discussed the implementation roadmaps as well as principal considerations involved. There is much that can be learned from these experience so as to fast track Myanmar’s reforms while avoiding some of the costly mistakes that others have made.

Due to the confidentiality involved in this publication, please contact our PwC Myanmar team for more information. We thank you for your interest.

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