PayWell Moldova 2017 Salary and Benefits Survey is released now

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We are glad to announce the launching of PayWell Moldova 201​7​ Salary and Benefits Survey – a useful tool in developing competitive remuneration policies for your business. 

The 201​7​ edition of PayWell Survey gathered ​4​2​ organisations and ​21,462 employees in ​6​ industry sectors (FMCG & Industry, IT, Telecom, Banking​, Pharma and Oil & Gas​), providing a detailed analysis of salary data for ​854​ benchmarking jobs, including: 

- gross monthly salary; 
- annual fixed and variable bonuses (paid and target); 
- annual value of benefits granted; 
- company’s car value. 

The Survey also contains information on specific compensation and benefits policies

- salary review, negotiation and increases (planned and performed); 
- fixed and variable bonuses; 
- entry level employees' remuneration; 
- benefits granted to employees: eligible staff category, cost and policy of using, etc. 

For more details regarding the PayWell Survey, please find attached its presentation and do not hesitate to contact us. 


PayWell Team

PayWell Moldova - English version

PayWell Moldova - Romanian version

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