Corporate Taxation

Our expertise in the area of corporate taxation services includes:

Corporate taxation consulting

We provide our clients with our best expertise regarding general corporate issues and direct taxation consulting, incorporating provisions of information and commentaries on tax and legislative amendments, and advice on their likely effects on investment and trading activities in Moldova.

We can undertake to prepare tax-planning exercises, analysing the corporate structure from a tax efficiency perspective, and proposing alternative structuring in order to minimise the tax burden in Moldova.

Tax compliance work and negotiation of disputes with the tax authorities

We are able to provide advice regarding filing and registration requirements, compliance regarding preparation and submitting of tax declarations in order to ensure accuracy, legality, timeliness and efficiency. We are willing to assist our clients during the preparatory phases prior to tax audits as well as during the control procedures in order to ensure a smooth operational process.

In case our client decides to undertake an appeal procedure, we can provide assistance in drafting the objections against the control minute prepared by the tax authorities, using our experience accumulated during previous cases in finding sound arguments, considering the legal provisions, the interpretation of the tax authorities as well as our expertise.

We are also willing to assist our clients in negotiations with tax authorities regarding cases where there are features specific to a particular industry or operational processes. We liaise with tax and other government officials in order to find solutions specially tailored for the needs of clients with a view to ensuring the tax efficiency of their investment.

Withholding taxes consulting, international tax planning and structuring

We provide tax advice regarding the applicability of withholding taxes, the Tax treatment according to Moldovan legislation and the applicability of International double tax treaties, analysis from a tax efficiency perspective of International structures and cross border transactions, restructuring projects and international tax planning exercises.

We also provide assistance regarding a correct interpretation of transactions involving non-resident suppliers, we provide advice regarding controversial issues on intellectual property matters, as well detailed technical assistance regarding the documentation to be prepared in order to apply the mechanism of avoiding the double taxation.

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