Qatar: Outstanding Liabilities in Dhareeba

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10 January, 2021

In brief

We previously communicated to you that the General Tax Authority (“GTA”) has formally closed the previous Tax Administration System (“previous TAS) and effective from 1st November 2020, the GTA requires all tax services and obligations to be dealt through Dhareeba. The GTA has also migrated data from the previous TAS to Dhareeba, including the balances of tax liabilities (related to both income tax and WHT) and penalties.

Outstanding tax liabilities in Dhareeba 

Recently the GTA via emails have requested the taxpayers to review and update their account statements in the Dhareeba portal.

Action required:

We are aware that the GTA has started sending notifications to the taxpayers instructing them to   update their account with the GTA (by a given deadline determined by the GTA) in relation to any pending tax liabilities and penalties. Therefore, in order to avoid any complications, taxpayers should get their records updated in Dhareeba to ensure that they have no outstanding tax liabilities appearing in their Dhareeba profile. 

We would be glad to assist you in liaising with the GTA for updating your Dhareeba account and reconciling your tax liabilities in respect of the amounts already paid by you.

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