Government Consulting Practice

Who we are

The Government Consulting team is part of PwC Legal ME LLP, serving the Middle  East with a prime focus on the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We work closely with PwC  across various industries and sectors in providing legal and regulatory consultancy  services to our clients, helping them solve their important problems.

Who we work with

  • Federal and state legislatures;
  • Local governments and executive agencies;
  • Sector regulators and national program units;
  • Government business functions; and
  • Government independent agencies and state owned enterprises

What difference we make

We work with government leaders to enhance public services, support business  growth, and people’s prosperity by working diligently and creatively on country and  sector specific legal infrastructure.

We partner with policy makers and decision takers to upgrade their legal and  regulatory ecosystem to adapt to shifting economies, tighter budgets, emerging  trends, and innovative breakthroughs.

We also bring insights and international expertise through benchmarking and comparative analysis. Having access to PwC Legal global network of 185 jurisdictions  worldwide enables us to tap into leading latest legal trends and bring best practices  to our clients customised to their very own needs and fitting smoothly into national ecosystems.

We also conduct stakeholder engagement and solicitation exercises to bring in business  and sector insights to policy makers and legislatures. These take account of legislative  and regulatory impacts on those entities and sectors captured by their jurisdiction.

What we do

Enabling strategy and transformation

We know what it takes to put vision and strategy into polices and binding legal  instruments that will not only enable implementation but will also enable  accountability and compliance. Successful results can be achieved if there is a  commitment and consensus to change, which in many ways can only be regulated  through binding legal instruments at national and state levels. We have worked on  the implementation of new regulatory rules, new economic strategies and setting up  new legal entities for the delivery of emerging roles.

Government and organisation restructuring

We assess legal mandates and capacities and advise on functions required to  implement these mandates. We also advise on the legal requirements for mergers or  areas of separation of legal mandates within government or state owned entities.

We have worked on regulatory-service provision spin offs, corporatisations and  other forms of legal entity and mandate restructuring. We also provide the required  legal documentation for the implementation of a proposed approach.

Establishing a case for change

We assess and evaluate current laws, regulations and contractual instruments, and  benchmark these against best international practices and key emerging developments,  identifying gaps, challenges and opportunities. We provide analysis on the options  for improvements and reform, map key stakeholders and decision makers to the  options and support the development of a case for the proposed changes.

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Sajidah Abu Zeit

Sajidah Abu Zeit

Government and Regulatory Leader, PwC Legal Middle East

Tel: +971 (0) 4 304 3534

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