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We work with government leaders to enhance public services as well as support business growth and people’s prosperity through helping the country and sector specific legal infrastructure.

We partner with policy makers to upgrade their legal and regulatory ecosystem in order to help them adapt to shifting economies, tighter budgets, emerging trends and innovative breakthroughs.

We also bring insight and international expertise through benchmarking and comparative analysis. Having access to the PwC Legal global network enables us to tap into the latest legal trends and bring best practices from around the world to regional governments.

We also conduct stakeholder engagement and solicitation exercises to bring in business and sector insights to policy makers and legislatures taking into account the legislative and regulatory impacts on the entities and sectors that are captured by their jurisdiction.

We know what it takes to put vision and strategy into polices and binding legal  instruments that will not only enable implementation but also enable accountability and compliance. Successful results can be achieved if there is a commitment and consensus to change, which in many ways can only be regulated through binding legal instruments at national and state levels. We have worked on  the implementation of new regulatory rules and new economic strategies.

We assess and evaluate current laws and regulations and benchmark them against best international practices and key emerging developments whilst identifying gaps, challenges and opportunities. We provide analysis on the options for reform, map key stakeholders and decision-makers to the options and support the development of a case for change.

Our key Government consulting services include: 

  • Legal design and implementation for new strategies, programmes and initiatives

  • Legislative and regulatory assessment, benchmarking, reform and drafting

  • Public policy design and legal implementation

  • Legislative impact assessment

  • Procurement frameworks design and implementation including public-private partnerships (PPP) and public procurement contracts

  • Regulatory framework mapping and advisory

  • Legal capability assessment, build out and legal services frameworks

  • Legal review and transformation 

  • Public contractual frameworks including public procurement, inter-government contracting and legal implementation

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Sajidah Abu Zeit

Sajidah Abu Zeit

Government Consulting Legal Leader, PwC Legal Middle East

Tel: +971 (0)52 745 1629

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