Entity governance & compliance

Governance and compliance is becoming increasingly important due to the continually evolving regulatory environment. With increased regulation, heightened responsibility and risks, entity governance and compliance has moved up the boardroom agenda. In turn, the role of the company secretary and support from governance professionals is becoming more critical to a company’s long-term success. 

Our entity governance and compliance services are managed by a dedicated team of experienced governance professionals, qualified company secretaries and government liaison experts. We specialise in delivering board governance and compliance services providing dedicated support to help manage the responsibilities and risks, allowing businesses to focus on other core activities.  We work across industries and sectors with all business types. Our approach and our services can be tailored to suit the needs of any organisation. 

Our entity governance and compliance services include:

  • Corporate governance services - Governance reviews and consultation, board and committee support, advisory and effectiveness reviews, director development and preparation of governance policies and board documents

  • Incorporations - Legal entity incorporation advisory, set-up and implementation, redomiciliations, implementation of corporate simplifications and reorganisation and corporate changes

  • Entity compliance - Maintenance and upkeep of corporate documents and records, statutory compliance and filings, regulatory compliance, ensuring good standing and keeping clients updated on changes to regulations, laws or requirements

  • Global legal entity management - Keeping all your overseas entities, both regionally and globally, in good legal standing via a single provider. We can help consolidate legal entity governance and compliance services with one global provider in all territories, with straight-forward lines of communication, enhancing the consistency of service and using technology effectively

How we add value:

  • We have undertaken corporate governance reviews in order to enhance or overhaul governance structures, ensuring an effective governance framework and processes, practical for the business, are implemented in line with best practices

  • We provide boardroom support to local, regional, multinational and family owned companies across the region

  • We assist clients from all market sectors in establishing local presence in the Middle East and with executing transactions. We work as part of wider projects, and on a standalone basis, for various groups headquartered in the region and for those headquartered abroad with presence locally. This includes liaising with government authorities and navigating the complexities of the regulatory environment in the Middle East 

  • We provide legal entity management for large groups in the region that have global presence, using technology to effectively support them.

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