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The proliferation of data privacy laws globally and the awareness of the public and the media on data sharing and ownership are creating new challenges and opportunities that will affect your business.  Data protection and privacy is a multidisciplinary problem and it requires a number of skill sets.  We are the only professional services firm in the Middle East that can offer you an end-to-end data privacy service with legal solutions at the heart of our offering.  Our data privacy engagements involve multi-jurisdictional lawyers from PwC Legal working alongside certified business consultants experienced in privacy programs and experts in technology controls, risk and security.  Our regional core team is supported by global country experts.

Our Middle East Data Privacy team provides business-critical support on data privacy, confidentiality and cyber security matters for businesses, governments, regulators and public authorities. Our team can help you proactively with your data privacy compliance obligations to build trust, achieve legal certainty and avoid financial and reputational risk. We can be your trusted legal partner in your data protection compliance journey or digital transformation strategy, working alongside cyber, security risk, HR, tax, IT and other expert teams.

We are trusted advisers to some of the most prominent private and public sector organisations across the Middle East including regulators handling their most sensitive data privacy issues. We have developed solutions that analyse, assess and test data privacy activities assisting in the journey to comply with multiple data privacy laws in a business-as-usual way.

We advise on the following:

  • Full scope of preparations for regulatory changes in data protection in the Middle East and Europe (including the GDPR and regional laws), from scoping and gap assessments through to implementation

  • We provide a flexible umbrella support service for Data Protection Officers, Chief Privacy Officers and other in-house privacy teams

  • We are a one-stop-shop for handling all kinds of cyber, privacy and data incidents, providing full access to our multi-disciplinary team of experts

  • We can assist with ad hoc data protection and privacy requests

  • We support governments and ministries across the Middle East in implementing new data protection laws and assist the regulators in setting up the legal framework

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Richard Chudzynski

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