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In the Middle East, over eighty percent of businesses are either owned or controlled by families who began as entrepreneurs and subsequently diversified their business interests. A significant number of these businesses started in the early 1960s and continuity has become a growing concern: many of them will need to manage a generational change over the next five to ten years. Family businesses are both strong and unique but they are also more complex. They face the same challenges as any other business and as both the business and family grow and expand, they must also deal with a range of specific problems. They have to manage the challenges of operating in a difficult global economic environment alongside inevitable generational change.

At PwC, our Family Business Advisory Team is dedicated to working with family businesses – large and small – to envision the future and achieve your goals and those of your family. Whatever your business, from founder generation to cousin consortiums, we have facilitated the creation of family governance structures that achieve sustainable long term success. With over 150 years of experience in helping family businesses succeed we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships. We are passionate about supporting you and your family business. Let us face the challenge together over the coming decade.

What good looks like

A sound governance model reinforces the following principles of good governance.

  • Transparency – Timely and accurate disclosure is made on all material matters to all interested parties, and not merely those required by law or regulation.
  • Accountability – The board and management are accountable for their actions and answerable to shareholders.
  • Fairness – Good governance reinforces the principle of equitable treatment of all shareholders (including minority and foreign shareholders) and respects their right to participate in and to be sufficiently informed on decisions concerning fundamental changes to the organisation.
  • Responsibility – A strong board is appointed with the right mix of skills and experience to drive the shareholders’ agenda.
  • Clarity – Clear separation between the roles of shareholders (owners), board and management and is supported with formal policies and procedures that are frequently reviewed and updated.
  • Inclusion – Recognition of the rights of stakeholders and encouragement of active co-operation to ensure a sustainable company.

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When to act

  • You are a diversified group spread across multiple sectors and geographies and find it challenging to exercise adequate oversight.
  • Your business is undergoing major upheaval as a result of issues around succession in ownership and management.
  • Your business is preparing to list a part or all of its shares and/or you are preparing to sell a part of your business to outside shareholders.
  • You wish to tap into the capital markets to raise finance to fund an expansion into new markets or for new projects.
  • Your family business is undergoing generational change and there is a strong desire to professionalise the family’s relationship with the business.

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How we can help

  • Shareholders Protocols (Family Constitution) – Develop shareholders protocols to facilitate continuity and smooth succession.
  • Corporate Governance Assessment – Assess current corporate governance practices utilising best practice guidelines and provide gap analysis reports.
  • Corporate Governance Framework Design – Design and develop an effective organisation governance model appropriate to the needs and maturity of the organisation.
  • Director Evaluations – Undertake independent performance evaluation of the board of directors.
  • Governance Training – Deliver bespoke governance training programs for owners, boards and executive management.
  • Legal Structuring and Implementation Assistance – Legalise shareholder protocols, implement recommended governance models, develop delegation of authority matrices and related governance policies and procedures.
  • Family Office – Structure single and/or multi-family offices to support the needs of family conglomerates.

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What you gain

  • Continuity and Sustainability – The process of building a sound governance framework ensures organisational harmony and unity for the long-term.
  • Professionalism – A commitment to good governance reflects professionalism and enhances your organization’s reputation in the market.
  • Resilience – Being better prepared for organisational transformation and the ability to withstand damaging events, ride out change and protect what matters to your organisation.
  • Manage growing complexity – By setting up governance structures in the form of rules, processes, policies and procedures.
  • Minimize the likelihood of conflicts and disputes – By setting up mechanisms to manage conflict before they escalate into serious issues.

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