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Digital Trust Manager

An intelligent self-service platform.

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The PwC Digital Trust Manager is an efficient, cost-effective self-service platform, providing secure access to a suite of tools to improve your organisation’s approach to digital risk.

As new technologies and ways of using them emerge, so too do new risks - and organisations will need to be agile in their response. Is your organisation prepared? 

The Assess module is already available where organisations can complete an assessment and generate powerful insights into their risk profile. You will receive an immediate brief summary for free or pay to receive the full actionable report. The assessments are in-depth, thorough and have been created by PwC specialists

Digital Trust Manager will evolve to offer a full complement of tools, supporting compliance, AI bias detection and data anonymisation - amongst others - utilising innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation.

Access the Digital Trust Manager - Assess module here

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Benefits of Digital Trust Manager

Digital Trust Manager harnesses our proprietary frameworks and methodologies, and the cumulative expertise and experience of our teams. Initially being offered free of charge, the platform provides recommendations that will enable you to align your organisation to industry standards and PwC’s leading approaches - without the need for on-site consultants.  

As a self-service platform, Digital Trust Manager allows you to assess and improve your organisation’s risk profile according to your timescales, and rapidly access in-depth, actionable results, aligned to industry standards and best practice.

As new technologies and ways of using them emerge, so too do new risks - and organisations need to be agile in their response. The platform will be frequently updated with new modules to reflect the evolving risk environment, and ensure that you are in control.

Digital Trust Manager: Assess

Assess is the first module of the Digital Trust Manager platform. It offers a range of self-assessments to gauge your organisation’s maturity across key risk areas. The gaps in your organisation's maturity are identified using industry standards and best practices, and bespoke recommendations are provided to address them. With interactive dashboards and automated bespoke advice, Digital Trust Manager: Assess is pioneering a new approach to addressing your organisation’s risk profile.


Built on PwC frameworks

Simple, guided assessments

Interactive dashboards

Downloadable reports

Free short summaries

Assessments offered

Automation readiness

Evaluate the readiness of your process of automation in terms of suitability & complexity.

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Business continuity management

Assess your organisation’s business continuity environment against PwC’s Digital Resilience Framework. This framework is aligned to international standards including ISO 22301:2012 and allows you to identify and improve your approach to developing, implementing and maintaining a functioning Business Continuity Management BCM programme.

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Assess your organisation’s readiness to transition to cloud-based systems using our proprietary cloud services readiness framework. The result of years of cumulative PwC experience in cloud readiness, risk assessment and implementation projects, our framework is underpinned by best practice and industry standards such as the Cloud Controls Matrix, provided by the Cloud Security Alliance.

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Corporate governance

An effective Board is at the heart of good governance, and is founded on five pillars: leadership strategy and culture; structure and performance oversight; risk; management information and controls; and transparency and reporting. This assessment will help your organisation assess the current maturity level of your Board of Directors and offer recommendations to help you improve.

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COVID-19 response

A tailored assessment that will help organisations understand where they are in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak and enable them to identify next steps to ensure business continuity.

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Cyber Security

This assessment is designed to measure the maturity of your cyber landscape based on PwC’s cyber risk capability framework to identify potential security risks to technology and information assets

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Data privacy

Evaluate your organisation’s data privacy programme against the PwC data privacy framework. Aligned to the the EU GDPR - the global standard of data privacy - the framework is based on three key pillars: transparency in the use of personal data, protection of individuals' rights, and enforcement of regulation.

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Information security

Assess your existing governance and controls against ISO 27001:2013, an internationally recognised best practice standard for information security management. Providing guidelines across both technical and non-technical areas, the standard establishes the guidelines for minimum security requirements, on which entities should build their own security controls, tailored for their business environment.

Supply chain process resilience

Get a snapshot of the current situation of your supply chain which will assist you prioritise key areas of focus as it maps your current strategy and operations across the various pillars of the supply chain.

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Technology risk

Assess your organisation’s maturity in delivering, implementing and maintaining uniform and adequate global IT controls in line with key industry standards and best practices. The evaluation is built on seven pillars: strategic decision making, technology governance, technology management, systems quality, systems support and change, technology operations and information security.

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