Cash flow management and liquidity: how to manage your cash pressures during the crisis?


As the COVID-19 global response evolves, organisations are facing significant operational, financial and liquidity challenges. To ensure these challenges can be addressed, the number one concern aired by our clients has been how they can manage their cash pressures to ride out the crisis.
In this webinar:
  • We will show you ways of preparing a direct cash flow forecast to rapidly understand your financial position and answer crucial questions like “Is there a cash gap?” and “When might it occur?”
  • If there is a cash gap or if your financial position is likely to worsen – what can you do to stabilise and improve your financial position? Why is it important to protect it? What are the practical steps?
  • You will learn why cash flow management is not a one-off exercise but rather a regular process – why is it important? How to communicate with key stakeholders?
  • We will also answer your questions that might arise during the webinar.


14:30 pm Introduction  
  Macro trends and topicalities for Baltic companies  

How to manage your cash flow in a crisis situation? 

  What practical tools and approaches can be used?   
  International best practices and examples   
15:30 pm Closing  


Petr Smutny

Partner and CEE BRS leader

Radim Skarpa

Senior manager CEE BRS

Teet Tender

Advisory Partner PwC Estonia

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