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Labour Law

Modern labour law is not just about drafting and reviewing employment agreements. With the development of modern job opportunities, there is a growing demand for new employment methods, to which the most appropriate legal framework needs to be applied. Owing to the capabilities, expertise and experience of PwC's global network, the legal assistance provided by PwC Legal will allow you to plan and optimize employment in the company, expand the company, streamline existing processes and plan new ones, as well as reduce litigation risks.

PwC Legal provides legal support and consultations in connection with posting of employees from Latvia to foreign countries or employee posting to Latvia, as well as assists companies that provide employment services and to persons who receive such services. We offer legal assistance at all stages characteristic to the posting process:

Obtaining a license - preparation and submission of an application, model agreement, draft employment agreement and other documents to the State Employment Agency for obtaining a license for posting services;

Operational support - development of strategy and documentation for the posting of workers and assessment of the adequacy of the posting of workers process and operational support: Provision of information and documents and cooperation with the State Employment Agency, the State Labour Inspectorate, the State Social Insurance Agency; preparation of documentation, reports, orders. PwC Legal also offers the preparation of business-related documents, such as employment agreements, service agreements, labour lease agreements, and cooperation agreements;

Representation and protection of interests - review and challenge of decisions of the State Employment Agency before an institution and a court.

In order for the employer to ensure a seamless course of business, we offer to prepare documents regulating employment relations suitable for the interests of the parties in accordance with the law and best business practices, as well as to provide consultations and develop a strategy for drawing up and execution of employment documents and terminating relationships.

Employment agreements - a solid foundation is needed to ensure the successful operation of a business. It is provided by a precise and well-thought-out employment agreement, which is prepared by assessing the interests and priorities of the parties involved in the employment relationship;

Management agreements - the relationship between the company and its board members sometimes need to be clarified. To this end, we prepare service, authorization or employment agreements with board members;

Collective agreements - in order to regulate the relationship between the employer and the employee group, we offer to prepare a collective agreement, as well as organize and participate in the agreement negotiations between the parties to the collective agreement;

Rules of procedure - when the relevant number of employees is reached, the law stipulates the obligation to adopt the rules of work procedure. In consultation with the employer, we will draft these rules considering the work process and the interests of the employer;

Other documents - taking into account that the employer is often required by law to draw up documents in writing, as well as it may be necessary to ease the burden of proof, we offer to prepare orders, instructions, agreements, amendments, job descriptions, as well as other necessary employment documents.

In order to optimize the employer's internal processes, as well as identify and manage business risks, PwC Legal offers a complex due-diligence, both in assessing the processes related to human resources and in providing advice and preparing the necessary documents for successful and efficient acquisition and merging of companies.

Human resources research - PwC Legal will evaluate the employment documents and agreements, the employer's internal procedures and the conditions for their execution. After evaluating the documents and processes, as well as establishing the factual circumstances, PwC Legal will provide an assessment, which will indicate the current risks for the employer and make preventive recommendations.

Legal research and business transfers - PwC Legal also provides pre-merger and acquisition assistance in assessing employment processes and their reflection on company value. In turn, during the course of a merger or acquisition, PwC Legal ensures that the requirements of labour law and other binding acts governing the transfer of companies, redundancies or collective redundancies are complied with.

Even if the employer has been as cautious as possible and has organized the work according to the best occupational safety standards, this does not exclude the possibility of accidents at work.
PwC Legal provides legal assistance in the event of an accident at work, including communication with employees and the State Labour Inspectorate, assistance in accident investigation and registration, as well as preparation of necessary documents and acts.

Given that the most difficult situations in employment law practice are caused by the termination of the employment agreement, they require special attention, therefore PwC Legal offers full support in terminating the employment agreement and identifying and preventing or resolving potential disputes.

Action plan - PwC Legal will develop an action plan to resolve existing and potential disputes or terminate the employment agreement, as well as prepare the necessary documents for the implementation of the plan.

Communication and litigation - Labour law specialists will provide the necessary support in negotiations with employees or trade unions, as well as represent the interests of employers in public institutions and courts in case of a dispute.


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