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International Assignment Services

The development of globalisation is increasing the role international mobility plays in achieving business goals. HR professionals face major challenges dealing with new mobility patterns, working methods and an increased demand from management to demonstrate the value obtained from expensive internationally mobile staff.



Managing your integrated mobility risk

BEPS, PE and immigration risks, employment tax, government regulations, individual traveler expenses, mobility policies – there’s an incredible amount of information to manage when it comes to business travel.

This much complexity often results in businesses doing one of two things. Either they block and tackle immediate threats as they arise, or they succumb to information overload, adopt an all-or-nothing mindset, and do nothing.

There’s another way….

Hand all that complexity over to PwC and keep yourself focused on your business’s future.

If you need

  • to manage risks and be compliant with tax regulations concerning your employees so as to enhance the value of global mobility
  • to enhance the deployment of expatriates through the international assignment processes
  • international assignment policies that are aligned with your business needs and are cost-efficient
  • an efficient structure of the International Assignment model and effective use of technology

We offer you

  • individual tax compliance
  • preparation of annual income tax returns
  • improved tax solutions for travelling employees
  • tax equalisation calculations
  • registration with the tax authorities
  • updates on the latest provisions regarding individual income tax law
  • proactive individual tax management
  • tax-efficient international assignment structures and policies





We're the Global Mobility provider of choice

In this hyper-competitive market, PwC’s Global Mobility practice is the provider of choice.



Your integrated mobility experience

You’re global. You’re mobile. And you thrive on disruption. And as market shifts create new opportunities worldwide, your office is everywhere. To meet your needs, you need technology as mobile as you are.

We are excited to share the PwC myMobility experience - convenient real-time updates on all of the global mobility tax and immigration work that PwC is performing anytime, anywhere.





myMobility app wins the Relocate award for Technological Innovation




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Irena Arbidane

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