Deals modelling

Financial models are used to support almost every critical business decision. It is essential that you have confidence in your model, to ensure the information you are working with is accurate when making decisions which impact the future of your business.



We design and deliver financial models tailored to your business needs and use our bespoke model review methodology to provide the comfort you need to make critical decisions for your business.



Potential issues

  • You are developing and expanding your business, and third-party support requires a standardised presentation of your business so that your deal can be properly understood and compared with others.
  • Your business partners or investors require a third-party review.
  • You need an audit of your financial models and a review of your business.
  • You need advice and guidance from a professional team who understand your business and can present it externally.


Feasibility studies, financial analysis and project finance

We advise companies, the Government and municipal institutions on significant and strategically important investment projects from their early phases to completion and help raise funds and prepare business plans and long-term financial projections.

We have been directly involved in many of the largest privatisations in Latvia as advisors to the Government or to investors. We have also advised on the restructuring of industries and companies, as well as on various financial aspects and fund-raising options for infrastructure and other investment projects.

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