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Project management

Why does one organisation survive and the other slide into irrelevance? Why does another organisation not only survive but thrive? The answer, again and again, tends to be linked directly to how they design and manage their projects.

How can PwC help?

The need for effective project management along with experienced and skilled project management professionals is more prevalent now than ever. Organisations are continually looking to ensure project success given the quantitative and qualitative costs involved in failure. Due to the integrated nature of businesses, it is vital that projects are delivered on time, to budget, meeting client expectations on quality and fitting within the strategic drive and objective of the programme.

Against this backdrop, organisations need the capability to deliver the right projects at the right time - and close down those that no longer add value. As a trusted independent adviser, clients rely on our expertise to help them organise, deliver and assess projects to achieve these objectives.

Implement mature processes and frameworks to select the right projects that are fully aligned to the strategy, that optimize the return on investment, and that strike the right balance between running, protecting, and growing the organization.

We can provide an independent analysis of your current project management situation as well as we can give feedback on areas of improvement.

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Raimonds Dauksts

Raimonds Dauksts

Director, Head of Advisory, PwC Latvia

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