Forensics and Economic crime

Creating confidence and clarity

Preventing, responding to and remediating a wide range of business threats, risks and complex issues.



Forensic means identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting evidence (whether physical, accounting or digital) in a manner that is legally acceptable in a court of law. 

This has become a major issue for all financial services organisations, as well as many others caught up in its scope. The compliance focus and the associated costs are substantial, and at all levels the penalties for failure have become ever more significant.

If you have a financial dispute, or have concerns about possible areas of vulnerability in your organisation, our experts can assist.


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Protect your reputation

Your reputation is critical to your success and can be lost with terrifying speed.

Hackers steal your data. A competitor accuses your sales force of corruption. A dispute with your business partner threatens to erode value. An accounting discrepancy undermines market confidence. The media discover related party transactions in a joint venture. The risks you face continue to change.

If there is a problem you need to understand what has happened and start fixing it fast. Prevention is even better - we help you understand where your vulnerabilities are and manage the risks involved.


PwC has an established global network of specialists working to combat financial crime in areas such as:

We work with you to provide innovative and advanced solutions for responding to Financial Crime incidents, remediating past deficiencies, developing enhanced operating models, and optimising transaction monitoring systems



How PwC can help you?

Whatever the complexity or urgency of the situation your organisation faces, our Forensic Services practice can provide expert support and solutions. We combine forensic accounting and investigative skills to organizations (and their lawyers) that are facing issues with financial and legal implications, to help to make intelligent, informed decisions whether in the boardroom or the courtroom.



Forensic Services in CEE

With the largest network of forensic services practices in the world, spanning 63 countries and employing over 1,400 specialists, PricewaterhouseCoopers firms can draw on vast experience of dealing with difficult situations across a broad spectrum of industries in many jurisdictions. Our fast-growing Forensic Services practice in CEE employs over 60 professionals, including accountants, economists and IT experts.


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