Procurement and infrastructure investments

We offer individualised and value-adding services. We support the planning of optimisation or value growth activities - we support their implementation - we help to ensure that the desired effects become reality.

We can help you with:

Developing procurement strategy and building a procurement business model

Based on firm’s strategy we define the role and objective of the procurement. Taking into account best practices we propose a procurement model that is optimal for the company together with suitable level of employment.

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Modeling procurement processes

We conduct analysis of current procurement processes and propose optimization solutions based on the accepted procurement management model and best practices. We develop process maps and procedures for the end result as well as propose detailed methodologies of managing specific steps of procurement process.

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Review and support in selecting IT systems

We analyze IT systems used to support procurement function within a company, with a specific focus on identifying value added generated by procurement process. We support companies in defining functional requirements and selecting appropriate IT solutions.

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Managing procurement costs and categories

Based on procurement categorization and quantitative data we develop a company’s spending map. For priority categories, we develop procurement strategies with considerations of; characteristics of the supplier market and total cost of ownership. In addition, we define cost reduction objectives and provide assistance in realizing procurement proceedings. 

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Developing a employee competence model for the procurement function

We develop a model of employee competencies required for the procurement function and evaluate the level of their fulfillment. Subsequently, we offer a range of complex training prospects suitable for the company. In addition, we design a system of rewards and bonuses for buyers and provide assistance in verifying candidates during the recruitment process.  

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Contract assurance

It is not always the case for all terms of the contracts negotiated by the procurement unit to be appropriately executed. We help to define the level of involvement of the procurement unit in contract assurance as well as assist the company in reviewing already realized contracts in order to establish if any terms of contract have not been fulfilled by the suppliers (e.g. additional scope of work, discounts, penalty of the breach of contract)

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Sustainable procurement

There is an increasing necessity of companies and their Clients to implement social and environmental responsibility measures into their strategies. This trend also appears to affect the procurement function. We help companies in defining and implementing social and environmental responsibility measures into their everyday actions and procedures in the procurement unit. Additionally, we assist companies in defining evaluation criteria for suppliers in the area of social and environmental responsibility, as well as verification and audits of suppliers in this area.

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Infrastructure investments

We provide support in developing a sourcing strategy taking into consideration a model of cooperation with the Contractor ( Engineering-Procurement-Construction, “Open book”, Guaranteed Maximum Price, Investor Supply Program). Additionally, we provide the assistance in the areas of contract preparation and execution. The scope of contract preparation involves selection and negotiations with Contractors. On the other hand, our scope of contract execution covers business supervision and contract assurance which guarantees effective implementation of the contract.

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Strategic sourcing

We implement various strategic sourcing projects, such as spending analysis, total cost ownership, “should cost” analysis etc. In addition to that we analyze the supplier market, evaluate criteria for supplier selection as well as provide support in the entire supplier selection process.  Furthermore, as part of our sourcing strategy, we help companies to define and implement social and environmental responsibility measures.

We posses practical knowledge in strategic sourcing projects in the following sectors: extraction, telecommunications, energy, gas, petrochemical, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, logistics and production.   

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RFP development, management and evaluation support

We can provide support through the entire procurement lifecycle. Using our ALIGN™ framework, we can accelerate your procurement by developing the business requirements and RFP requirements at the same time. And, through the use of our RFP templates, service catalogues and evaluation tools, we can help you set up a fair, and transparent vendor evaluation process.

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Assistance in evaluating offers

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Support in procurement process

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