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Our projects

PwC Latvia takes an active part in socially responsible events and supports financial aid projects relating to the engagement, health and welfare of all our stakeholders. Our more than 20 years’ experience in Latvia and our corporate responsibility actions demonstrate the importance of long-term collaboration and our own active participation in such projects. Our network of firms has the unique opportunity of being a worldwide leader and developing our skills and expertise to improve the situation in the industry, the community and the country, and to make the ethical and responsible way of doing business popular with the business community. We believe that a joint effort will achieve a greater change.

Every activity our company undertakes and every member of staff has an impact on the community we live and work in. PwC has a duty to ensure the development of a strong, growth-oriented and diverse society. This is why we –

  • encourage our staff to take part in social activities;
  • work with organisations, share our skills and expertise, and offer financial support;
  • engage the community in a dialogue on topical issues;
  • willingly share our experience with other businesses on socially responsible issues;
  • buy goods and services from local vendors.

Educating and developing the new generation is one of PwC’s top priorities in the area of community support.

Our long-standing collaboration and support includes taking care of the health and welfare of children and young people, helping students in their choice of career, and sharing knowledge, as well as educating and advising new entrepreneurs. We also respect the knowledge and experience of the elderly and make our premises available as a forum for debate between old-age pensioners and young people. By supporting all generations we are responsible for the community and feel happy with a contribution that creates a better and more intelligent society.

Children’s Cardiology and Heart Surgery Clinic

“Ruki” activities at Christmas

Each Christmas, representatives of various companies as volunteers visit large and low-income families in Latgale to regale them with a variety of activities, performances and presents financed by corporate (including PwC) donations, plus gifts made by company employees individually. Read more here.

National Centre of Blood Donors

With many members of our staff willing to give blood, the National Centre of Blood Donors regularly sends a medical bus over to our office. This initiative is supported by many members of our staff, their relatives and friends, as well as people from our next-door offices. Read more here.

Animal shelter

By tradition PwC visits Riga City Animal Shelter “Ulubele” at Lici several times a year to walk their dogs and help them with other daily chores. We bring old newspapers, food and other daily necessities. Read more here.

PwC becomes a co-operation partner of Go Beyond programme in Latvia

Go Beyond programme helps young people to acquire leadership and professional skills, ensures high level experience opportunities in co-operation with the programme’s partners, as well as enhances dedication to personal development and values in the young society. 

In order to support this sustainable initiative PwC is happy to share our knowledge, time and skills to make a difference in the communities where we work.

This is a mutual co-operation where PwC people also benefit from the new skills, enhanced personal fulfilment and deeper local relationships. Read more here.

Social business platform BlindArt

PwC Legal provided legal advice on crowdfunding in support of the initiative to develop BlindArt, a social business platform. The project was launched on the Kickstarter platform with a series of children's fairy-tale books calling attention to blind and visually impaired individuals.

ClimateLaunchpad, the Green Technology Incubator's clean-tech business ideas competition

As part of the project, the Incubator is looking for the best business idea in Europe addressing climate change issues. PwC took part in the project evaluation panel and jury, and provided advice to the highest-rated projects.

Peter Avens charity foundation “Generation”

The foundation works to protect children's health, provide scientific scholarships, and support culture initiatives. PwC provided the foundation with tax and legal advice on a project for rebuilding a music school to provide students with a modern learning environment and help develop the school as a centre of music culture.

More information on how we work to promote public welfare is available here (in English).

PwC is proud that our services enhance the trust of investors and other stakeholders relying on the financial information made available to them, and make crucial decisions easier to take. We represent an ethical and transparent business practice on the Latvian market and help other companies boost their competitiveness. We facilitate a dialogue between the private and the public sector, and create development opportunities and ways of sharing experience.

Effective national tax system

Our company aims to encourage an active dialogue between the government and the business community aimed at building an efficient tax system. It’s important that this should not only be mutually advantageous but also make Latvia more attractive in the eyes of foreign investors and contribute to sustainable growth of the country.

Some of our long-serving professionals are among the founding members of the Latvian Association of Tax Consultants.

Each year our network of firms conducts the “Paying Taxes” survey of tax systems around the world, including Latvia.

Easing the administrative burden on businesses

Commissioned by the State Chancellery we have carried out a study of ways to minimise the administrative burden on the private sector in terms of business documentation and document storage, which was mainly aimed at evaluating the impact of statutory requirements on the business community. This resulted in big proposals mostly contemplating strategic changes to business documentation and methods of collaboration used by government agencies, including with the business community.

Educating our clients

We organise client education events such as the Tax Afternoon, during which we update our clients on business changes resulting from recent legislative amendments. Our senior management have attended a number of conferences and the forum on Latvia’s competitiveness “Why Latvia? Latvia is an international business centre.”

We have published a comprehensive survey of economic developments around the world and in the region that includes Latvia, as well as a survey of real estate developments in Europe

Membership in associations

Zlata Elksnina-Zascirinska, chair of the board of PwC Latvia, and Vita Sakne, a senior manager in our tax and legal practice, are among the founding members of the Latvian Association of Tax Consultants. Lolita Capkevica, director of our audit practice, chaired the board of the Latvian Association of Certified Auditors for several years. We are active members of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, and the British Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, and we sit on the board of the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia

ACCA approved CBE centre in Latvia

PwC’s Academy in Latvia is ACCA’s approved CBE centre

Parents’ Home at Children’s Hospital

PwC also offers its professional advice as a donation. One of such donations involved advising the Children’s Hospital fund on ways of reclaiming VAT overpaid on the Parents’ Home project. Thanks to this collaboration the Children’s Hospital fund reclaimed the overpaid VAT successfully.

More information on how we work with clients is available here (in English).

Every day we work with people coming from a variety of cultures, cities and countries. Each of us has a unique combination of knowledge and experience that we bring with us and contribute to our day-to-day business. Diversity at PwC is a key aspect that helps us provide innovative solutions relevant to our clients, the community, and the country. Gender diversity has been one of PwC’s global priorities since 2006. We work with our people to enhance a diversity of opinion that reaches beyond visible differences such as age, gender and race.

  • We encourage our people to be themselves and be open-minded because talent has no age, gender or physical restrictions.
  • We believe that different is better. We support individuality and encourage collaboration between people with diverse skills, personalities and views.
  • We create career opportunities. Our global mobility programme promotes not only the provision of top quality services but also an insight into other cultures and an international perspective.
  • We create a better working environment for our staff. This includes following PwC’s code of ethics, which helps us in our day-to-day business and ensures the long-standing trust of clients.
  • PwC Latvia’s overall staff involvement in the 2013 satisfaction survey was 90%, which is one of the best results across CEE.

Two hours a month set aside for voluntary work during business hours

Social responsibility is the initiative of both our company and each member of staff that provides ways of helping not only the people and animals around us but also the environment and the world. This is why PwC encourages each member of staff to be socially responsible and pays for two business hours a month so that each of us individually and all collectively can contribute to the creation of a better world.

Virtual internship

In collaboration with, PwC takes part in the Virtual Internship project, a virtual game that helps young people gain an insight into various professions. We have jointly created and financed a game featuring two professions: a tax consultant and an auditor. Read more here.

Shadow Day

Each year we take part in the Shadow Day project, which gives young people an insight into the daily routine of various PwC professionals. Read more here.

Lattelecom Riga Marathon

Each year over 40 members of our staff take part in Lattelecom Riga Marathon to enjoy team spirit, promote a healthy lifestyle, and support this great activity. Read more here.

Vitamins at our office

Our company offers seasonal vitamins such as cranberries, honey, lemons, ginger, carrots, birch and sea buckthorn sap and apples to our staff all year round.


Thinking of ways to protect the environment, we surveyed our staff about using bicycles in our daily routine and their desire to use a bicycle for business purposes. This initiative won considerable support, and so our company has purchased bicycles that our staff use when going to see a client, delivering documents, or in other situations where it’s possible to use this means of transport.


Our company operates an internal online training scheme that gives all our staff unrestricted access to over 1,000 different e-learning courses, from English language modules to technical specialist e-learning courses.

More information about PwC activities aimed at providing a suitable working environment to our staff is available here (in English).

More information about PwC activities aimed at providing a suitable working environment to our staff is available here (in English).
More information about PwC activities aimed at providing a suitable working environment to our staff is available here (in English).

We aim to be aware of and control our impact on the environment.

We are aware that we live in one of the greenest countries in the world, and we understand that we should handle it with care to minimise any adverse effect. We are among the PwC companies globally, including CEE, that measured their carbon footprint inthe year 2013, and we achieved a 5% reduction within three years. Every day we save energy and consume water and paper responsibly. Each autumn we are planting trees to minimise the adverse effect of paper consumption on forest coverage.

Planting trees

Since our day-to-day business involves consuming large amounts of paper we decided that this situation could be rectified by planting trees. In collaboration with the National Forests of Latvia we have planted new fir trees covering an area of more than 2 hectares in the neighbourhood of Roja and Mersrags. Given the high staff response rate to this activity we plan to repeat it on a regular basis.

Big Cleanup

Caring about the environment, each year PwC people go and clean up some area. We led a group of small pupils of Riga Valda Zalisa Primary School in cleaning up the banks of the River Marupite. Our families and children cleaned up the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, where we also planted a rose bush and a tree.

Earth Hour

PwC supports Earth Hour, a global event organised by the World Wildlife Fund that involves lights being turned off for one hour to raise public awareness of the need to take action on climate change. Our relatives and friends are also invited to take part in the event and think of some original performances by candlelight. The event aims to express support for using environmentally friendly energy in everyday life. PwC supports this event worldwide.

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