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Accounting services

Nowadays many company’s executives are interested in the optimisation of accounting processes and reduction of expenditures related to them. However sometimes, it is difficult to objectively and effectively assess the work of an accounting department, its quality and productivity while not being an accounting specialist. It may often turn to be the case that it is more expensive to employ in-house accounting specialists than to hire an external accounting company.

PricewaterhouseCoopers UAB provides accounting services for small and medium-size businesses in Lithuania.

Our services

  • Accounting from primary documents to preparation of financial statements in accordance with the Business Accounting Standards (BAS) and/or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  •  Payroll services.
  •  Bank transfers.
  •  Filing tax returns.
  • Preparation of management reports and financial statements.
  • Function of a Chief Accountant.

Accounting services are provided using accounting and management systems Navision and Rivile as well as payroll and human recourses accounting system Bonus.

Accounting services will be provided by professional staff who have relevant work experience with international companies and are fluent in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

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Giedrė Cater

Tax Reporting, Accounting & Strategy Leader

Tel: +370 698 52318

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