PricewaterhouseCoopers - The Workplace of the Year 2007

On 8 April 2008, PricewaterhouseCoopers was presented with the Workplace of the Year 2007 Award at the National Responsible Business Award ceremony held at Vilnius City Hall. The award was presented for high social standards for employees and attractive working places in the foreign capital company category.
The National Responsible Business Award was created in order to encourage companies to introduce the principles of social responsibility in their activities and to boost the prestige of socially responsible businesses.

The National Responsible Business Award was the first initiative of such a kind supported by the public authorities of Lithuania. The Ministry of Social Security and Labour organised this contest under the United Nations Development Programme in Lithuania.

The awards have been presented to the enterprises that are among the first in the country seeking for consolidation of social responsibility and aiming to make contribution towards the creation and strengthening of social wellbeing in Lithuania. The activities of such companies demonstrate their leadership and sincere commitment to transparent and fair relations with employees, the society, and the state.

The National Responsible Business Award was split into three nominations:

Socially Responsible Company 2007
Workplace of the Year 2007
Partner of the Year 2007.

Each nomination of the Award was further divided in three categories: small and medium-sized businesses, large-scale Lithuanian enterprises and foreign capital enterprises operating in Lithuania.

Enterprises which created safe, healthy, qualitative and attractive workplaces for their employees competed for the nomination of the Workplace of the Year 2007.

Evaluation was performed in accordance with the uniform criteria defined specially for the National Responsible Business Award. The criteria allowed to evaluate how social responsibility is integrated in the business practice, strategic decisions, daily activities, how the companies involve the stakeholders (staff, society, NGOs) into the plans of social responsibility actions. The commission composed of more than 20 members was supervised by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.