Cooperation with Children's Home of Interim Care "Atsigrezk i Vaikus"

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Christmas gifts for children

In December 2008, PwC staff personally bought Christmas presents for children. Children received books, board games, logic puzzle games, sewing sets and art supplies. Children and their teachers invited all PwC staff to attend their Christmas Party. The Christmas project was not only aimed at providing financial support, but also encouraging PwC people to meet the children.

PwC gives support for children's summer camps

In August 2008, PwC made a financial contribution to organising summer camps for children. The funds were raised at the charity auction held during the CEE Partners’ Conference in Athens, Greece. The purpose of the auction was to collect money to support organizations actively working to prevent social exclusion and supporting unprivileged children and youth in their education. Raised funds were distributed among the nominated NGOs in CEE region. In Lithuania, Atsigrezk i Vaikus was the donee of the charity.
After returning from summer camps children and their teachers plan to purchase school supplies for the forthcoming school year.

Trip to Aqua Park

In April 2008, PwC invited 30 children to have fun at Vichy Aqua Park. Children not only were entertained, but also had an opportunity to get to know the islands of Polynesia. Polynesian actors helped them learn dances, play the original drum music, showed souvenirs brought from the Polynesian islands. Children listened to captivating stories and watched photo presentation. Learning while having fun – what could be better!