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PwC's Academy Sri Lanka and EGUARDIAN announces an Alliance to Upskill Local enterprises with automation

PwC's Academy Sri Lanka and EGUARDIAN (the official regional value-added distributor for UiPath, the current market Leader in enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) software) have entered into an alliance with the objective of upskilling the business community with the essentials of automation.

Every industry shall be impacted by technology in different shapes and forms. This will be a journey to help companies become corporate ready for the rapid and constant changes faced by the digital world.

PwC estimates that 45% of work activities can be automated, and this automation would save USD 2 trillion in global workforce costs. This makes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) one of the most prominent emerging technologies that every individual would be able to start learning and practicing.

PwC Sri Lanka’s Academy together with EGUARDIAN has recognized although RPA is still a relatively new application, early adoption by leading companies shows that by redefining work processes and reassigning employees to a higher value, more strategic tasks, and other business development activities that would require human intervention. In return, RPA is used to automate manual, time-consuming, and rules-based office tasks more efficiently by reducing error, extending service hour, speeding up processes, and at lower costs more than any other automation solutions.

With user-friendly interface of UiPath, any individual can use to, to mimic what they routinely would have done.

Robotic process automation


RPA can take companies to the next level of productivity optimization and could be applied in every sector of a company.

Haresh Perera, Digital Transformation Leader

“PwC's Academy Sri Lanka will play a pivotal role in supporting enterprises in their Digital Upskilling Journey to Drive Change and transform their enterprise. PwC has planned key programs leveraging UiPath’s Platform capabilities in partnership with EGUARDIAN in helping unlock the power of citizen-led innovation within the enterprises.”

Haresh Perera, Digital Transformation Leader, PwC Sri Lanka

Shervin Janze, Practice Head at EGUARDIAN (VAD)-UiPath Automation says:

“RPA can bring efficiency and assurance to the business continuity while it can enhance productivity of Human users, giving them the luxury of “time to think” through which enterprises can drive towards innovation. From Practice point of view we are driving the Uipath vision of Bot for every person .Through this Alliance we are expecting to set a new paradigm to support organizations to achieve this vision by enabling them and upskilling the business and technical users coming from different domains with  this cutting edge technology while creating Unique value proposing through proven consultancy practice which PwC is bringing.”

Mafaz Fahrid, the Vice president business strategy and operations further adds

“We are proud and excited to be partnered with PwC academy and we believe this initiation will help many organizations and individuals to realize the true benefits of automation.”

With user-friendly interface of UiPath, any individual can use to, to mimic what they routinely would have done

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Chief Operating Officer / Advisory Leader, Colombo, PwC Sri Lanka

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Haresh Perera

Oracle Consulting Leader, PwC Sri Lanka

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