About us - PwC Sri Lanka


Who we are  

As an established player in continuing professional education, PricewaterhouseCoopers Sri Lanka created PwC's Academy, an entity specialised in training and development.

Our ambition as an approved training organisation is

  • To support personal and professional development within the context and strategy of your organisation
  • To help increase the value of human capital in your organisation

We implement best practices that privilege quality, efficiency and innovation and remain attentive to the needs of our clients under the concept of "lifelong-learning" in order to achieve this aim.

Trainer Network

The quality of the instructor is one of the key success factors of training. This is why our trainers are carefully chosen according to the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of the subject supported by a proven track record
  • Experience in training as well as in group animation

To find these adequately qualified training consultants, we revert to the three different talent pools that we have established over the years:

Internal trainers: The strength of the PricewaterhouseCoopers network

PwC's Academy has a wealth of talent to choose from within PricewaterhouseCoopers Sri Lanka as well as the network of PwC offices in the region. The trainers selected are experienced professionals who have served their clients e.g. in the fields of audit and controlling, tax, finance and advisory services and furthermore hold the essential pedagogical background.

We can also call on the experience of the international PwC network to better meet specific training requests, and thus develop and implement transnational training projects.

External partners: An objective and independent selection of recognized professionals

Especially in matters that concern management and personal development, PwC's Academy has developed an extensive network of external service providers to meet your every need. These partners are rigorously chosen and work according to clearly defined terms of reference. Our partnerships with external providers are transparent and openly discussed with the client.

Academic partners :- A strong link to the academic world

PwC's Academy works regularly with universities and business schools to combine the mastery of abstract ideas and their translation into know-how at the best, as required by the market for professional training.