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Unlock the full potential of data with our expert solutions. Adjust your data strategy to improve business performance. From data integration and warehousing to advanced analytics and insights, we provide the tools and expertise to empower data-driven decision-making. Don’t let data overwhelm you. Let us help you leverage its power to achieve your business goals!

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Use data-powered strategies for profitable growth

Elevate your organization’s data management and data analytics capabilities with our comprehensive data management maturity assessment tool. Our team of experts will help you identify areas for improvement, develop a roadmap for success, and ensure that your data is being managed efficiently and effectively.

Our services

We offer data and analytics services that can help organizations grow their business at any stage of data maturity. Consult with our team to help decide which services would best suit your organization’s needs.

Business Intelligence Engineering

Transform your data into actionable insights. Empower your business with compelling dashboards and visualizations. Our state-of-the-art solutions provide a centralized repository for all your data, making it easier to access, analyze, and use. With our scalable and flexible Business Intelligence solutions, we turn raw data into actionable insights that drive business success. From data warehousing to reporting and analytics, we offer a comprehensive approach to BI that maximizes the value of your data investments.

Decision Intelligence

Make better decisions with Decision Intelligence. Our innovative solutions combine the latest technologies in data analysis, artificial intelligence, and human expertise to provide you with the insights you need to succeed. With Decision Intelligence, you can quickly and easily turn data into actionable insights that drive better decision making and improved business outcomes. Whether you need to optimize operations, understand customer behavior, or identify new growth opportunities, Decision Intelligence has you covered.

Research & Analytics

Gain a thorough understanding of your industry with the power of analytics. Our innovative approach combines advanced technologies, a deep understating of the market and industries, and human expertise to provide you with valuable and implementable information that drives better decision-making. By evaluating key performance metrics across areas such as operational and process excellence, product innovation, and workforce planning, you can assess your market position and identify new growth opportunities. With our expertise, you can turn data into strategic insights to solve complex business problems and pave the way for success.

Data Management

Ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of your data-driven decision making with our Data Management solutions. Strong data governance is the foundation of quality data, and we’ll help you establish a solid framework to ensure your data is well-organized, relevant, accurate, and easily understandable. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive data strategy, optimize your infrastructure, processes, and systems, and cultivate a data-driven culture within your organization. With our Data Management solutions, you can trust that your data will drive innovation and lead to better outcomes for your business.


Our team publishes reviews, surveys and reports on a regular basis. These reports can help your organizaiton stay informed of the latest market trends.

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Kazakhstan edition of 25th Annual Global CEO Survey, 2022

Quarterly Macroeconomic Report

Expert Survey Results, Q1-Q2 2022

Meet our team

We are a team of experts with experience in providing data consulting services in a wide range of industries. We can help your organization make the most out of your data and solve complex challenges.

Anuar Akishev

Anuar has 10 years of experience in data strategy and analytics in a variety of industries, including Telecom, Software development, Fintech and Banking, e-Commerce, Retail, Content delivery services and others.

Yerzhan Berdimbet

Yerzhan has more than 6 years of advanced data analytics experience in Banking and Retail industries. He helps clients to make data-driven decisions, to assess/improve/implement credit scoring models, to build financial and forecasting models.

Akerke Akhmetbek

Akerke has more than 6 years of experience in Financial Data Analytics in various industries such as Telecom, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Oil&Gas. She has an extensive hands-on experience obtained through various professional roles being a Chief Financial Officer, a Finance Manager at Private Equity and a Banker at EBRD.

Janel Chadiarova

Janel has more than 4 years of experience in data analytics with focus on Business Intelligence. She supported top - companies in Kazakhstan with digital transformation within various industries such as: Telecom, Retail, Mining, HR, Fintech. She is also a leading author of PwC Kazakhstan Macroeconomic report.

Marina Kim

Marina has more than 8 years of oil and gas industry experience in the audit department and more than 5 years of leading and implementing innovative solutions and digitalization projects.

Qazybek Beken

Qazybek has 6 years of experience in advanced data analytics both in Kazakhstan and abroad (USA, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, India). He has worked with companies such as Google, Boeing, Nissan, L'Oreal, True Digital, Digi Telecom, Carousell.

Advisory Partner

Natalya Lim

Natalya has 19 years of experience in consulting. She is the Advisory Leader of Eurasia with experience in more than 100 transactions. She supports clients with strategy and operational excellence, applying data-driven decisions.

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