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By entering PwC, you enter the powerful network of more than 236,000 people in 158 countries! 
Your aim will be to connect with all relevant people and build relationships that will enable you to be a success with the clients and in the firm. That will be an exciting and challenging journey! 

Apart from your peer group that you will for sure bond with and make some life long friendships, there are many people that will be responsible to help you have 'soft landing' and memorable experience in the very beginning. Many people will be engaging with you from even before you show up on the 1st day. They will try to make you feel part of the team as soon as possible.  Working with us you would have a unique access to the global knowledge and opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals. 

We, in PwC are proud of our people, the sharing and collaborative culture and the value we deliver to our clients. By having you engaged properly and quickly we help you become part of it all, while keeping the special ingredient that we missed - Your authentic self :) 


While working with PwC, you are offered the ACCA qualification among others. This internationally recognised qualification enables you to become a Chartered Certified Accountant and work in any aspect of finance or management.For all our service lines, we strongly encourage and support our staff in attaining appropriate professional qualifications which are recognised locally and/or internationally. For example, all of our Assurance staff study for the internationally recognised examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This series of examinations (14 examinations over 3 to 4 years) is a major commitment by our people and by the firm, and involves staff attending up to 4 weeks classroom based tuition in preparation for the exams.

Internal courses

PwC organizes internal courses locally and internationally for its employees, which differ according to the work experience and knowledge of the participants.


Our employees participate in various informative events and seminars in order to address highly specific issues or new methodologies in the field of finance and management consultations. 

International Mobility

PwC offers employees the opportunity to gain valuable experience in its offices abroad. It offers our people outstanding opportunities for personal and professional growth and the chance to acquire and expand critical skills that will help you to succeed in a truly global firm while experiencing a new culture, making new friends and enjoying life experiences 
International Mobility enables PwC to gain a competitive advantage by providing expertise to our clients and markets around the world in an agile and efficient way. 

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