Global Visa Solutions

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Foreign nationals based in Korea or traveling frequently to Korea for business visits are required to obtain proper visas and other documentations (such as foreign registration card) in order to work and reside legally in Korea. The employers or its affiliated entities in Korea also have the obligation to comply with the relevant application requirements stipulated by the competent Korean authorities when transferring employees to work in Korea.

To enable you to be constantly compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment, we provide you with visa and immigration experts who can deliver the advice on the appropriate or the best assignment arrangement for the individuals. We also assist in determining the kind of visa and documentations required for the expatriates and their families as well as in assisting them in the applications for the various documentations.

If this is your situation

  • You want to ensure what type of visa is required for the foreign individual
  • You want to ascertain what the visa requirements and application procedures for accompanying spouse and family of the foreign individuals are.
  • You want to make sure what the risk or penalties for non-compliance, for both the individual and the employer are

We provide the following services
  • Consultation on visa issues and requirements
  • Ensuring full compliance with immigration regulations regionally and worldwide
  • Developed systems and processes to monitor the mobility of your employee globally and track your employees’ visa expiry dates (e.g., technology adapted for your business needs – a website can be accessed by employers and employees to monitor the status of business travelers and their applications for work passes)
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