Reward & Compensation

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Creating the right reward plans for your employees is essential for attracting and retaining key staff, achieving business objectives and human resource objectives, as well as optimizing related cost. But balancing business priorities with shareholder interests can be a challenge.

Our experts help organizations implement programs which meet the needs and strategy of the business, whilst complying with regulatory issues. Our experience in this area tells us that the best designed plan can fail if the implementation and employee communication issues are not addressed from the onset. Hence, we will not stop at the level of conceptual design, but we will work steps ahead to ensure you have a well designed implementation and communications programs for addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

By blending the HR, retirement and financial expertise of our global network, we help organizations link executive and employee rewards to business goals and shareholder value.

If this is your situation

  • You want to align your reward strategies with your business objectives to create value for shareholders
  • You are concerned about recruitment, retention and staff motivation
  • You want to confirm that your reward plans are tax-efficient
  • You want to ensure that your reward plans are competitive in the marketplace and need to justify remuneration packages to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Your employees do not understand their reward packages
  • You need to comply with new legislation and corporate governance codes

We provide the following services
  • Evaluating, designing and advising on the implementation of national and international reward strategies, which complement business and HR strategy
  • Comprehensive pay benchmarking and job evaluation
  • Designing annual incentive and stock plan
  • Employee communications to help staff understand their reward packages
  • Designing and implementing a total reward approach, which takes into account pay and employee benefits
  • Aligning reward systems with the clients overall performance philosophy and adapting these systems for different groups of employees within the business
  • Ensuring reward plans are tax-efficient and legally compliant
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