HR Transaction Services

Organizations that are going through a deal, internal restructuring or other transaction face considerable people challenges that, if not addressed, could result in failure to meet the intended business goals.

PwC provides a service that aims to maximize the transaction's value by addressing issues relating to both people performance and the delivery of HR services. PwC offers advice at all stages of the transaction or restructuring process, including due diligence, deal negotiation and assistance with post-deal implementation.

From pre-bid through post-acquisition, we help companies address the specific compensation benefits and equity issues that surround a transaction. Our expertise in HR strategy, plan design, compliance, and communication helps companies address and resolve the issues of change in order to complete successful transactions, including the smooth assimilation of employees and the implementation of new benefit plans.

If this is your situation

  • You need to identify and address people aspects that challenge the viability of the deal and/or impact on its price
  • You need to ensure that you continue to deliver high quality HR services (such as payroll) to the businesses during this time of change
  • You have insufficient in-house HR experience, restructuring experience or resources to deal with the people issues effectively.
  • You have made commitments to your management and workforce regarding (for example) incentives, pensions, equity arrangements, and need to understand the immediate and future impact on your finances
  • You need to measure, monitor and report on business critical aspects of your people's performance, to ensure that you meet the business goals of the transaction or restructuring

We provide the following services

  • Ensuring that you are successful in meeting or exceeding the business goals of the transaction or restructuring
  • Retention of people critical to your business
  • Helping you to quantify transactions appropriately, to take into account significant liabilities relating to pensions, share schemes, severance promises and other employment obligations
  • Helping to maximize your ability to maintain “business as usual” during the period of change
  • Cultural & management assessment
  • Measures, monitoring and reporting of HR performance
  • Advice on human resource strategy and structure
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