Tax Audit Defense

Over the last several years, the Korean tax authorities have continued to increase the intensity and scope of tax audits.
The tax authorities have extended the coverage of tax audits to stock transfer, related party transactions, restructuring and international transactions.
This increases the possibility of additional tax assessment and liabilities and requires an expert understanding of tax laws and audit processes.

Our audit assistance professionals have assisted in tax audits of major companies as well as small and medium sized companies in a variety of industries.
Our tax audit service professionals are experienced in dealing with tax officials and can help clients effectively respond to the tax authorities’ requests and inquiries.
We can help interact with and persuade auditors to ensure the best possible outcome on any tax dispute.

Our tax audit defense services include:

  • Review contents of information document request by a tax auditor to evaluate audit direction and assess potential ramifications and implications.
  • Provide on-site assistance in responding to and managing information requests.
  • Prepare position papers on controversial issues not cleared by the tax authorities from an objective and independent point of view and discussions with field auditors on the position as necessary.
  • Perform an analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of a tax appeal on additional tax exposure identified during a tax audit.

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