Doing Business and Investing in Korea

As the global economy continues to struggle to emerge from the 2008 financial crisis, recovery has been further hampered by the Euro zone debt crisis and the tsunami in Japan. Financial markets continue to be volatile and the outlook for recovery remains uncertain. Despite the challenging global environment, Korea’s economy and financial markets have demonstrated strong resiliency. Korea’s economic growth in the wake of global turbulence, combined with continued deregulation, has helped contribute to Korea’s attractiveness as market for foreign investors.

Foreign investment in Korea has been recognized as an important source of advanced technology and job creation. The foreign investment policy has been designed to spur such foreign investment. As Korea continues to move towards more technology-intensive industries and focuses on a shift to a knowledge-based service economy, there are abundant business opportunities for foreign investors, particularly leaders in advanced technology and the service sectors. Finally, Korea’s recent free trade agreements with the US and the EU will significantly accelerate the openness and competitiveness of the Korean market, making it more attractive to global businesses.

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