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The treatment of imports and exports at the border depends, by and large, on a wide number of trade laws and administrative rules. These rules range from complex trade laws and non-transparent rules to simple and business friendly regulations. This varying range of treatment is a reflection of trade policies and customs regulations that are themselves subject to continuing and rapid change. These policy changes offer business opportunities, but can also result in heightened business risks.

With the increasing emphasis on enforcement and compliance, keen awareness of customs rules and regulations may allow companies to mitigate, reduce or eliminate the potential for errors and costly penalties. To stay wellahead of the curve, we have established close links with senior customs and trade officials throughout Asia, U.S.A., EU and thus, we are able to provide insight into both operational and policy matters.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Worldtrade Management Service (WMS) Pte. Ltd. is a service line experienced in customs duties, the taxation of international trade transactions, and trade compliance issues. The WMS team consists of professionals from a variety of backgrounds including former customs and trade officials from authorities across the Asia Pacific region, Europe and North America, as well as seasoned trade attorneys, accountants and systems professionals. With a blend of professionals who have both global and local skills, we offer our clients a multi-disciplinary team that has unmatched expertise in all key areas of customs and trade. Moreover, unlike other service providers, our professionals have the practical experience of understanding the realities of operating in Asian, European and North American countries.

Formed in March of 2002, the WMS team in Japan provides high quality services with the cooperation of other WMS offices located throughout the world. In this regard, we are part of an extensive network of trade and customs consultants in over 60 countries. We have the largest and most extensive customs and trade advisory services in Asia, U.S.A., EU with professionals located in countries throughout the region including U.S.A., EU, Singapore, Hong Kong, the PRC, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Thailand, in addition to our practice in Japan.

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