Specialized US Income Tax Services

Utilizing the PwC global network, our US/Japan income tax specialist combine their cross-border experience and expertise on individuals residing in Japan to assist clients obtain the ideal service experience. Located in the heart of Tokyo, we are available to the taxpayer in real time via face to face meetings, email, phone, or video conferencing for seamless communication.

The PwC Tax Japan’s Global Mobility Service US team in Tokyo, work on both US and Japanese income tax issues throughout the year bringing together in depth tax technical knowledge of both countries, along with the integration of the Japan – US income tax treaty. It is this expertise that allows us to provide the most tax efficient solutions on a case by case basis.

Boosting a wide range of expertise from standard compliance to advanced tax planning, we are prepared to get your US and Japan income tax situation to an optimal state, whether you have been in Japan for decades, or are new to the country.

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How we can help

Income Tax Compliance

Today’s tax environment requires a tactical approach and a range of strategies so that you are well positioned for domestic and international tax policy changes.

  • Optimizing foreign tax credits, deductions, and exclusions
  • US and International reporting of foreign assets
  • IRS communication
  • Interface with advisors located in Tokyo

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Foreign Tax Credit Optimization

Living outside the United States allows taxpayers to receive certain deductions, exclusions and credits. Optimizing how your non-US tax is claimed can be complex and PwC can help.

  • Estimate Calculations
  • Revocation of Foreign Earned Income Exclusions
  • Amended Tax Returns

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The IRS Streamlined Program

Currently the IRS has a specific program to help delinquent taxpayers become compliant. As the IRS continues to increase cooperation with immigration officials, it is an opportune time to get up to date with your tax filings.

  • Use of best practices
  • Foreign tax credits, deductions, and exclusions
  • IRS communication

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Non-US Citizen

Our team can assist with income and estate tax planning advice for foreign nationals with current or future intentions of investing or relocating to the United States.

  • Guidance to Foreign Nationals Holding US Assets
  • Pre-Arrival Planning for Foreign Nationals Moving Temporarily or Permanently to the United States

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Green Card or US Citizenship Revocation

Knowing the tax implications of maintaining your green card or US citizenship after a permanent departure can help limit unnecessary tax exposure.

  • Revocation Assistance and Planning
  • Preparation of Initial and Annual Expatriation Statement
  • IRS Communication

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Guidance for Tax Law Reform

With recent changes to the Internal Revenue Code via the Tax Reforms, potential tax exposure has increased the risk of individuals not staying current with the updated law changes and how they apply to their situation.

  • Assistance to self-employed individuals managing the impact of the transition tax and the global intangible low-taxed income (“GILTI”) tax.
  • Estimate income tax calculations

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