Personal Financial Services

Personal Financial Services

In today’s global economy, characterized by cross-border business and changing tax requirements, it can be difficult to have confidence and peace of mind when it comes to your financial life.  When making the decision to live abroad, many complex questions arise, requiring personalized answers to help you find that peace of mind and be able to pursue your professional and personal dreams.  The professionals in PwC Tax Japan’s Personal Financial Services (“PFS”) practice offer the judgment, experience, and capability required to help you achieve your goals both in and outside of Japan, now and for generations to come. 

PFS offers a thorough approach to personal wealth management integrated with overall personal tax planning. In addition, we team across the global firm to provide a robust portfolio of private wealth services to better serve the sophisticated needs of high net worth individuals and families, both in Japan and the United States. 

Personal Financial Services

How we can help

Income Tax Planning

Today’s tax environment requires a tactical approach and a range of strategies so that you are well positioned for domestic and international tax policy changes.

  • US and International reporting
  • Foreign tax credits, deductions, and exclusions
  • IRS communication
  • Interface with advisors

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Investment Planning

Common Questions:

  • Am I saving enough for my children’s education?  Do I plan differently if my children are going to school in Japan versus the United States?

Your investment strategy should keep you on an even keel while providing you the flexibility you need to capitalize on new opportunities.

  • Tax efficient investments
  • Reporting and disclosures
  • Structure of US and non-US holdings and asset allocation
  • Selection of investment holding vehicle
  • Independent 3rd party sounding board

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Estate, Trust, and Gift Planning

Common questions:

  • How do Japan inheritance and gift tax rules apply to me during my work assignment in Japan?
  • Are there any gift tax consequences of purchasing a house in Japan jointly with my spouse?
  • My spouse is a Japanese national.  Do we still need to consider Japan inheritance and gift tax issues after we move to the United States?

Without proper planning, estate and inheritance taxes in both the United States and Japan can significantly impact the wealth available for future generations. Plans should be reviewed routinely to address changes in tax laws.

  • Assess and coordinate estate documentation
  • Tax reporting and disclosures
  • Suggesting gross estate and global tax exposure
  • Consulting regarding non-US local jurisdiction laws and customs
  • Lifetime giving to family and charities
  • Effective use of trusts and other entities
  • Wealth preservation (asset protection)
  • Wealth Transfer solutions

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Retirement and Life Insurance Planning

Common questions:

  • Do I have enough for retirement?  Do I still need to consider Japanese tax issues if we move to the United States?
  • Will my U.S. social security retirement benefits be affected by working overseas?
  • Will my family be covered with our existing life insurance policies?  Why might I need to consider additional life insurance coverage while residing in Japan?

Based on your desired retirement age, we will assist you in determining whether your projected capital at retirement is sufficient to meet your annual after-tax cash flow goals in today’s dollars.

  • Review your company benefit plans
  • Review your personal investment portfolio
  • Determine appropriate investment allocation strategies
  • Evaluate objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs
  • Assist in determining appropriate amount of life insurance based on needs

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