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HR Administration Services
HR Administration

PwC Tax Japan Global Mobility Services (“GMS”) offers the flexibility to assist with all of the administrative aspects of your international assignment program.

Our professional staff has the knowledge, experience, and processes in place to assist with the details of global expansion. Our integrated approach allows us to work efficiently with your employees, while simultaneously catering to their individual needs. We strive to achieve consistent compliance through the uniform application of your international policy guidelines. PwC Japan Tax GMS takes on the tasks that are necessary for the management of an expatriate program so that you can focus on the goals central to your business.

How we can help

Expatriate Policy Development

Well thought-out expatriate policies allow you to better manage the selection, compensation, transfer, administration, and repatriation of your international assignees. We will transform your current management philosophy into a comprehensive expatriate policy by determining elements such as:

  • Degree of flexibility required
  • Elements to be included in your expatriate package
  • Staff selection criteria

With this foundation, the comprehensive policy we provide enables you to minimize overall costs, manage risk, and provide an optimal working environment for your assignees, while facilitating your organization's global staffing requirements.

When developing an expatriate policy, industry and geographic benchmarks can be helpful. GMS specialists around the world conduct in-depth surveys of expatriate policies and best practices among large multinational corporations. These results provide information that ensures that your policies are competitive and up-to-date.

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International Compensation Consulting

Global compensation structuring can be confusing to both the assignee and company management. Knowledgeable advice on expatriate compensation issues can ensure that your programs function tax effectively and your assignees are fairly compensated.  We will advise you on issue such as:

  • Long and short-term incentive plans and off-shore premiums
  • Cost-of-living and other lifestyle maintenance allowances
  • Social security program continuance
  • Estimates for expatriating employees to specific sites under various policy scenarios

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International Payroll Administration

Home and host country income taxes, social security, employment insurance and payroll tax withholding data are vital. We provide accurate information that is current to employers in Japan and abroad. We also calculate home and host location split-pay amounts.

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