Cities of Opportunity 7-Global Urban Capacity Comparative 2016


This report is an extract and translation of the "Cities of Opportunity 7" released by PwC Global in September 2016 using the PwC Japan, and analyses some of the results.

In this seventh edition of the report, the results of the analysis of the major urban revitalization components (urban power) in 30 cities using 67 indicators in 10 areas are published in ranking format.

Figure 1 shows the overall evaluation of 30 cities. London, which was at the top of the last report (the sixth report) published in 2014, continued to hold the top position. London is still ranked using data collected before the decision to departure the EU, and the future trends are attracting attention. Singapore moved up from third place in the previous survey to second place.

With the exception of Amsterdam, which now ranks fifth in the list of cities ranked in the top 10 in the total, all of them ranked within the top 10 in the fourth report in 2011. However, the ranking varies greatly, and the light and darkness are divided.

Tokyo ranked fifteenth out of thirty cities, down two ranks from the sixth report. In addition to becoming the top player in the health, safety and security field, we ranked sixth in the gateway function and eighth in the intellectual capital and innovation and technology ripeness areas, ranking among the top ten in four fields. In this "intellectual capital and innovation" indicator, which has a significantly affect on the future competitiveness of cities, it is noteworthy that Tokyo was the only country in the 10th place in the Asian region. On the related hand, economic indicators did not fluctuate due to the declining birthrate, the aging of society, and the maturation of society. As a result, the overall evaluation was severe. It is expected that enhancement efforts will be made to attract outstanding human resources and companies and create new knowledge and innovations through the strengthening of the positive brand toward 2020 and the dissemination of information from a global perspective.

Cities of Opportunity 7-Global Urban Capacity Comparative 2016

Figure 1: Comprehensive ranking of 30 cities around the world (top 15 cities)

Figure 2 shows the rankings of the top 10 cities in total and Tokyo by area.