Organization to Support Overseas Business

Recognizing that it is one of our most important missions, we provide assistance to Japanese companies to achieve international expansion and globalization through PwC’s global network in 157 countries with more than 276,000 staff members. We provide complete support to our clients by providing comprehensive services that fit their needs associated with various international business issues, including first entry into the international market, compliance with tax/accounting rules after entry, M&A, and business advisory necessary for reviewing their international business strategy.

PwC Japan's Organizations for Supporting Overseas Business of Japanese Companies

Japanese Business Network

Our experts (including Japanese staff members) posted in many countries and regions throughout the world assist Japanese companies in doing business by providing services fine-tuned to the globalization needs of individual clients, taking local business practices and culture into consideration. Our headquarters in Japan supervises these overseas networks and gathers information on world trends. Our clients are supported by our domestic and overseas sites.

Organization of Japanese Business Network

Organization of Japanese Business Network

PwC Japan Group

Under PwC Japan, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC, PricewaterhouseCoopers Kyoto, PwC Consulting LLC, PwC Advisory LLC, PwC Tax Japan, and PwC Legal Japan work in collaboration, taking advantage of expertise in their respective fields, to quickly assist clients in overcoming problems at their head offices or overseas subsidiaries. From feasibility studies on entering the international market to optimization of local operations, we provide complete and consistent assistance to our clients.

PwC Japan Group

PwC Global Network

PwC has the world largest business network extending to 721 locations in 157 countries with over 276,000 staff members.

We gather the latest information and trends through this network and collaborate with overseas sites in supporting our clients. Japanese professionals and Japanese-speaking staff members are posted on a full-time basis in many overseas PwC sites for the convenience of our Japanese clients.

PwC’s strong global network offers two benefits. First, when assisting Japanese clients with their overseas business, we can provide high value-added services through collaboration with local PwC member firms. Secondly, since information gathered by individual PwC sites is collected into the network, we can correctly understand global economic conditions. Timely provision of this information to our clients is very helpful for their strategic business planning.

Specialty Areas/Region-Specific Support Office

Support for Financial Governance of Japanese Companies Expanding Overseas

Challenges faced by Japanese companies with overseas operations include weathering severe global competition; achieving seamless corporate activities across national borders; managing rapid expansion of businesses (especially in developing countries); complying with investment, legal and tax regulations in foreign countries which could be complex and not transparent; and establishing a global governance system (management of overseas subsidiaries, management of operations from a globally consolidated perspective, and auditing on the global basis).

PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC, with its "Global Support Desk," a comprehensive bureau on financial governance of expanding global businesses of Japanese companies, offers headquarters of Japanese companies wide-ranging assistance services in their responses to the practical challenges; further, through close collaboration with overseas PwC offices, Global Support Desk also provides foreign subsidiaries of Japanese companies detailed support to resolve their practical challenges faced.

Emerging Country Entry Strategy Support Office

Doing business in emerging countries has its particular difficulties. There are a number of work phases to be completed before a company starts up a local business. This includes legal procedures to establish a corporation, financial and tax procedures, development of basic operating processes and establishment of a supply chain and sales channels. In the global market, the business practices used in Japan may not work. Doing business overseas involves far greater and more complex risks than starting a business in Japan.

The Emerging Country Entry Strategy Support Office provides client companies with strong and practical assistance that directly supports their business start-ups in foreign countries, from decision-making on entry and start-up of the local operation to optimization of the operation.

China Business Entry Support Office

China has become one of the most important countries for Japanese companies seeking business opportunities in foreign countries and emerging markets. As they try to further expand the market and their operational size, it will also become necessary to consider investment, M&A opportunities, local growth strategy and formation of a regional management company in China. Characteristic Japanese corporate culture and operating methods must be properly combined with local laws and regulations, business practices and culture. Adjustments in operational infrastructure, the employee wage system and other systems and more advanced management visualization are necessary. Under these circumstances, we provide high level support for our clients’ business activities and projects in China, with flexible and proper adaptation in all aspects of the business, including not only accounting and tax but also M&A opportunities, market expansion strategies, optimum redeployment of functions and localization.

Financial Services Strategy & Promotion Division: International Finance Business Office

The International Finance Business Office provides three overseas support services for financial institutions seeking to advance in the global market.

The first service is assistance to major Japanese financial institutions that plan to expand into emerging and promising countries, not the conventional option to enter advanced countries. We have 276,000 global staff members in 157 countries, including 35,000 members engaged in financial services. With this network, we are able to support our clients’ expansion plans into these emerging countries by gathering various types of information needed by financial institutions, from the economy, the financial system and market condition to the legal system in the target country.

The second service is support to financial institutions that have no overseas business site or that have exited from overseas businesses and are considering re-entry. Leading financial institutions based in specific communities often decide to expand their business into emerging countries and other international markets in line with the timing of international expansion by customers within their communities. We support those community banks by gathering and providing information and reports on the target country and assist in establishing a local office in close cooperation with liaison officers of our clients posted in the target country.

The third service is the support we provide in collaboration with our Global Support Service Division to financial institutions when they expand their business overseas. For a company that plans to enter a new country, if its bank in Japan has operations in that country, it may feel confident in all aspects. On the other hand, for a financial institution to decide to expand into a new country, it needs a sufficient number of prospective transactions with local Japanese companies. Our staffs posted in the client’s target country provide assistance in developing a network and referrals to Japanese companies operating businesses in the target country.

Global Business Recovery Team

Domestic companies, regardless of size and industry, are actively expanding their businesses overseas seeking growth opportunities. Foreign markets are attractive as a base for production and sales, but can pose diverse difficulties. In one case, a factory that has just made inroads into a foreign market is facing troubles due to quality of goods and labor management. In another case the performance of an overseas subsidiary was found to be seriously distressed since it was incorporated into a Japanese corporation through a large acquisition. A large number of governance related issues, including illegal acts of overseas subsidiaries, are also becoming apparent. An increasing amount of such demands from clients led to the establishment of the Team.

While leveraging the expertise that this practice has amassed over the past decade to bolster performances, the Team will also draw on robust strategic thinking and financial expertise amassed through close collaboration with each entity of PwC Japan. The Team will make full use of the response capabilities of the global network of PwC locations to support the recovery of overseas businesses.

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