Tomohisa Tasaka

Tomohisa Tasaka

Senior Manager, PwC Advisory LLC


Public-private partnerships (PPP/PFI) related to public services and infrastructure, regional revitalization, Society5.0, sharing clouds including crowdfunding, etc.

Government agencies, public agencies, and urban infrastructure

Summary of expertise

March 1999, Tomohisa Tasaka graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Political Science (Master of Political Science).

April 1999, he Joined Sanwa Research Institute Co., Ltd. (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.)

After engaging in strategy consulting at the Strategic Management Headquarters, he was engaged in research and advisory services related to PPP/PFI at the Policy Research Headquarters.

November 2008, he joined PwC Advisory Co., Ltd. (now PwC Advisory LLC).

Local Foundation PFI Advisor Dispatch Project Advisors (2004-present) (Wakayama City / Hirokawa Town, Wakayama / Okayama City / Katano City, Osaka / Awara City, Fukui/ Kochi Prefecture / Kagawa Prefecture / Higashi-Sonogi Town, Nagasaki / Nagasaki Prefecture / Hiroshima City / Naha City / Nobeoka City, Miyazaki / Kanagawa Prefecture / Gunma Prefecture / Kitsuki City, Oita / Genkai Town, Saga / Morioka Broader-based Fire-fighting Association / Chikusei City, Ibaraki / Fujisaki Town, Aomori / Kunitachi City, Tokyo / Miura City, Kanagawa / Kawagoe City, Saitama / Koriyama City, Fukushima).

PFI Professional Dispatch Business, Cabinet Office, PFI Expert (2012-present) (Hamamatsu City, Buzen City).


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  • "Key Points of Construct Business Strategies and Proposing the PFI Business" (Japan Planning Institute, May 28, 2004)
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  • "Points to Consider in the Pre-Implementation Phase of the PFI feasibility study" (Foundation for Regional Development (Furusato Foundation), November 7, 2008)
  • Nomura Securities Seminar, "Regional Bank Revitalization" (June 7, 2017, Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.)
  • "Specific Examples of Utilization of Private-Sector Vitality in Local Public Finance" (Policy Analysis Course, Department of Economics, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University, January 14, 2009)
  • "Regional Development and Private sector Initiative for Sustainability of Public Infrastructure," July 3, 2017, Kansai Research Graduate School of Accounting, Graduate School of Accounting, Kansai University

Articles & Publications

  • "PFI Public-Private Partnership Key to Success" (November 2006 Kodansha, Japan: 2007)
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co., Ltd., April 2007, Quarterly Management Policy Research 2007 Vol. 2, "Discussion of Issues for the Advancement of Japanese PFI Approaches."
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  • "Toward the Promotion of Multiple Public-Private Partnership Projects in Urban Areas (Special Feature Circular Roads in Urban Areas)" (Expressways and Automobiles) July 2015, Expressway Research Council, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
  • "The Front Line of Infrastructure Management" (written by Nikkei Construction Co., Ltd., November 2015)


  • TV Osaka "News BIZ" (February 8, 2008), Guest Commentator
    Comments on Administrative and Fiscal Reform by Governor of Osaka Prefecture Toru Hashimoto

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