Workforce Management Newsletter

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December 2012  Vol.8

  • Written indication of the “standards for contract renewal” will become a legal requirement
  • Trend in law revision relating to application of the value of salary paid in kind
  • A proposal to revise the Industrial Safety and Health Act has been repealed

October 2012  Vol.7

  • Revision of the Old Age Employment Stabilization Law
  • Revision of the Employment Quota for Persons with Disabilities
  • Comprehensive reforms for social security and tax

August 2012  Vol.6

  • Increase in the Welfare Pension Insurance Premium Rate
  • Partial Revision to the Labor Contract Law including the Conversion of Fixed-Term Labor Contract to a Termless Labor Contract
  • Matters to Note with Regards to Company Establishment and Hiring of Employees

June 2012  Vol.5

  • A Points-based preferential immigration treatment for highly skilled foreign professionals, (e.g. period of stay for 5 years will be granted, etc,) has been effectuated.
  • Effective method for managing overtime

May 2012  Special Edition

  • The values of allowance in kind have been revised
  • The contribution rate to child care benefits has been increased to 0.15%

April 2012  Vol.4

  • Amended Child Care and Family Care Leave Act will be made effective across the board
  • The long-term care insurance premium rate of the Japan Health Insurance Association has been increased to 1.55%
  • Foreigners whose period of stay in Japan exceeds 3 months will be considered to be insured members of long-term care insurance
  • Specific minimum wage rates in Tokyo (by industry) have been increased
  • Application of Labor and Social Insurance to Foreign Employees

February 2012  Vol.3

  • The Insurance Premium Rate of the Japan Health Insurance Association will be increased to a national average of 10%
  • The Employment Insurance Premium Rate will go down to 1.35% for General Industries
  • The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium Rate will go down by 0.6/1000 on average
  • Social Security Agreement between Brazil and Japan and the same between Switzerland and Japan will come into force
  • Introduction to major revisions to the law which will take place in the future
  • Mistakes related to Overtime Management and Payment of Allowance

December 2011  Vol.2

  • A number of reforms had been passed including ones permitting employees to make contributions to the Defined Contribution Pension Plan.
  • Reforms had been passed with respect to minimum wage by prefecture.
  • The difficulty of dismissing employees in Japan

October 2011  Vol.1

  • In Issuing the Online Magazine
  • Taxation to promote hire/employment (Koyo-sokushin Zeisei) has begun
  • The Advantages of Preparing Work rule
  • Introduction to HR / Labor-related Services