Strategic Value Consulting

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Do you know the Value Impact of Important Decisions?

All business decisions impact value, but do you know by how much?  Applying a value lens to your most important business decisions brings stakeholder value impacts into clearer focus to help:

  • Improve decision-making;
  • Build stronger consensus and alignment among stakeholders; and
  • Increase the return on capital generated by successfully executing your growth, portfolio optimization and capital strategies.

The result – improved governance and increased corporate value.

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Drawing from our pool of valuation and modelling experts, we deliver independent value insight to inform leaders on where in their portfolio value is being created or destroyed (“Value Performance”) and on the value impact of critical business decisions (“Value Impact”).

Working closely with the strategy consultants of Strategy&, as well as technical and industry experts from within our Advisory business, we help clients develop strategies that will maximize corporate value.

Value Performance

We analyze current-state Value Performance from an Outside-In (capital markets) perspective and an Inside-Out (management perspective).

In undertaking an Outside-In analysis, we view a company in the same way that a shareholder activist would view a company. 

An Inside-Out analysis goes well beyond such capital market view as we utilize management information to which outsiders don’t have access.

Understanding where and why value is concentrated enables us to help management prioritize investment in the highest-potential areas for growth and returns, and identify areas within a portfolio of businesses where restructuring or rationalization needs to take place. 

Using this information, we can help management teams develop a more effective plan than any plan an outsider could create.

Value Impact

Does your organization face these types of value questions?

  • Will growth generate sufficient returns on capital in order to create value?
  • What form of growth, organic or inorganic, will create the most value?
  • How do we deploy capital across a diverse portfolio of businesses to maximize value?
  • How can we identify businesses or assets to divest to improve capital efficiency?
  • How can management performance be measured based on value creation?
  • What returns can be generated from investment in marketing and what form of marketing will generate the highest returns? 
  • Which cost cutting initiatives create the most value and when?
  • How might the capital markets respond to a potential strategy?
  • What impact does global expansion have on risk profile and thus business value?
  • What hard-to-quantify intangible costs and benefits should be valued in considering whether to deploy a sustainability initiative, undertake an R&D project or other type of investment?

PwC valuation consultants help CFOs, Heads of Corporate Strategy and other stakeholders answer questions like those above, and many others. We combine the art and science of decision analysis with a deep understanding of corporate finance to understand Value Impact across 3 broad strategic areas:

By applying tested analytical approaches and business knowledge, we help capture the critical link between strategy and value.  Our approach helps senior executives to manage their business with value creation as the core underlying objective.

Our valuation consultants work seamlessly with other PwC teams to provide a cohesive solution.

The result:  more clarity on value impacts, how others will perceive value, and, ultimately, better decision-making. 


Shareholder Activism : We can support a company that wishes to learn from the value-creation strategies of activists and/or that is the subject of an activist campaign.